we go together like a bird and a feather

I was born to be married. For 25 years I belonged completely to my late husband, and when he was taken away I was lost. I drifted and wandered, looking for a place to belong again. I longed to feel that connection, that completeness of being united with a soulmate. I was a fragment, a part missing from the whole. Then I met my honey – also widowed – and I began to feel whole again. He completed me, and I completed him.

He’s the bird. I’m the feather. He is the foundation . . . the strength . . . the only place I fit. Without him, I’d still be blowing around in the wind, snagged in the thistles and thorns of life. With him I have direction and purpose. I am made beautiful by beautifying him. He needs me and I need him. A feather needs a bird to be complete.



The bird needs the feather to be complete. Without me, he would be naked and vulnerable. The feather is part of his strength; it protects, complements, and adorns him. With the feather, he can spread his wings and fly – he can accomplish great things, dare to pursue his dreams, withstand the storms, and look magnificent all the while. My bird sustains his feather, and this feather is his covering. How well we work together!



Are you connected?

(for the DP Challenge: Born to be with you)



18 thoughts on “we go together like a bird and a feather

  1. I have been married 25 years and I can’t imagine how it must feel to lose a partner who has been part of your life for so long. I am so glad that your feather found your bird and you are complete again. A beautiful post Linda.


    • Thanks so much. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through, but the Lord has been good to me, and gave me another godly, wonderful, considerate (not to mention handsome) man. I’m so blessed.


  2. That is so beautiful – I do like what you wrote that you were born to be married… ” and when he was taken away I was lost. I drifted and wandered, looking for a place to belong again… I was a fragment, a part missing from the whole.” You were able to put into words what I have not been able to this past year. Lost and wandering and a fragment of what was…so true. You have a pure heart – it is nice that you have found love again.


  3. This really touches me. I’m 22 years married and just went through a year of fear – cancer – with my sweetheart. But he came through it! Now I/we are appreciating the little things more (like birds and feathers and springtime and flowered fabric). Maybe that’s really why I started blogging? Hmm. I thought it was the memory of my mom! But I am still wondering what would I do without him? Your story is comforting. Thank you.


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