busy busy busy

What a gorgeous weekend we had! It was a little hard to stay indoors and sew, but I did manage to get a few things made this last week, and even got three or four done on the weekend. I love it when I can point to progress.

We’ve had a bit of remodeling going on at work. Our offices are downstairs, and the upstairs is an actual house. It’s used for guests, board meetings, Candidate School, and that sort of stuff. The kitchen and board room needed some TLC, so new carpet and linoleum were put in, and the cabinets given a much-needed facelift. New countertops and paint also helped with the updated, fresh look.

The board room is an enclosed upper porch, which means the kitchen window looks into the board room. That plain bare window needed something . . . like . . . maybe a shade for privacy, and something to dress it up a bit. My coworker didn’t want curtains, just a simple topper. She had some fabric she wanted to use, and asked me to make a topping. Another coworker cut a 1X6 board to fit the window, and I took the board and the fabric home and looked at them for awhile. I figured I’d wait for an idea to come strolling along and just nab it as it went by my brain-window. And there it was, sauntering down Gray Cell Street. Aha! That’s the answer: make the cover like a sleeve.

So I did. I wrapped the fabric around the board and measured it, and added an inch so I’d have a good 1/2 inch seam allowance. I hemmed the ends and sewed the long seam to make a sleeve. I decided that, since we would not be taking it off to wash after all (that was our final decision, after talking about it for a few days), I could just glue the batting right to the board. It made it just a bit challenging to slip that very close-fitting sleeve all the way down the 52″ board, but perseverance paid off. I eased it down over the batting, and amazingly, very little of it pulled loose from the board – which was easily fixed. Β And it fit well enough that there was nothing else needed to keep it in place. I sprayed it generously with Scotch-Gard, and another coworker attached it to the kitchen window. I’m hoping to get a picture of it on the window at some point.

looks better on the window than on the sewing table

looks better on the window than on the sewing table

There was quite a bit of the material left over, and you just KNOW it was given a new purpose in life. It became two oven mitts, three hot pads, and a mug-rug. The original ones had lived a long and useful life in that kitchen, and were begging for retirement. My coworker granted them early retirement – even before she knew replacements were coming. Good thing there was plenty of fabric left! The neat thing is, now the window covering and the hot pads/oven mitts match. Kinda feels good to contribute to the kitchen makeover. πŸ˜€

And, since a couple of the missionary wives have had babies, I got to make a bib and burp cloth too. One more set to make, and I’ll be sending those off to the little cuties soon. The tradition has been that we send a card and a little gift of some sort when a missionary couple have a baby. Since I enjoy sewing, that job has been given to me. πŸ˜€ I love it!!

for a baby named Caleb

for a baby named Caleb

burp cloth

burp cloth

One more thing . . . I noticed the kitchen didn’t have one single tortilla warmer in the whole place. Well, I can’t let that happen. I’m working on one right now – it should be ready this week. Sneak peek allowed.

start of the tortilla warmer

start of the tortilla warmer

Sooooo . . . how was YOUR weekend??


11 thoughts on “busy busy busy

  1. A very creative, productive and inspiring weekend my friend. Love to colors, prints and over all finish product. This weekend it’s my scheduled shift to work but good news is I’m off next weekend for hopefully some outdoor time with family. All the best to you and your family.


    • Oh, thank you so much – next weekend sounds like a wonderful thing to look forward to! My husband is on call this week, so we never know if he’ll have to go out. We just stay close to home those weekends, and I actually get something done around here. Enjoy your time with family!!


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