inside job?

Remember that post all about outside looking in? Well, I’m still outside, trying to look in. Every day I pass this government building, and I wonder what’s inside. I’ve never actually seen a building under wraps like this, and for such a long time. I wonder . . . could it be the offices of the Dept. of the Interior under there? Or maybe the local chapter of the FBI?? Whatever the case, it’s definitely an inside job! Will they ever have The Reveal, or will they leave it as an undercover job forever??

move along, nothing to see here

undercover work?

dept. of the interior?

dept. of the interior?

FBI hangout?

FBI hangout?

long shot?

Oh – by the way . . . I’ve been doing a little inside work of my own, and hope to have something to show for it soon. Not that it will be a ⭐ attraction, but it will be fun to share. 😆

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