outside looking in

Once again, it’s time for that wonderful, mind-bending Friday Photo Challenge. This week it’s about ‘inside.’ There are so many ‘inside’ photos on my hard drive that it was hard to choose. But choose I did – these are a few of my favorites. Each gives an illusion of something being inside something else.

this looks like it's going right inside the red rock hills

Come on inside – the walk is great!

These red rock hills are in Oregon, and that path looked like it disappeared right inside the hills. We were on the outside looking in . . . it beckoned to us to come follow where it led – so we did.

dunno what was going on inside his head to ride like this on the freeway

dunno what was going on inside his head!

This fearless fellow didn’t seem to have a lot going on inside his head. We were sitting in a loooooong line of stopped traffic on the interstate in Ohio, and he came scootin’ up the high-speed lane beside us, trying to get farther up the line of traffic. They even go BETWEEN lines of traffic in California – scared me so bad the first time it happened! If you look at his bike, it looks like we’re ‘inside’ that little shiny thing below his gas tank – see the reflection of our little red car? See us waving and yelling “Hi world”? Oh. Well, pretend you can see us, OK?

looks like one building is inside another

looks like one building is inside another

This was in St Louis when we went to see the Arch. As we were walking down the street, I looked up and saw that reflection. It looked for all the world like that building had swallowed up its neighbors.

What says ‘inside’ to you?

8 thoughts on “outside looking in

  1. Inside of me? memories of the hot summer days when we took those shots. I remember the total silence of the painted hills, the liberal lack of common sense, and the restaurant we ate lunch at in St. Louie.


    • Your memory is WAY better than mine! I forgot that the biker guy was actually in Ohio, not in CA like I first said (thanks honey – I got it right this time), I forgot the restaurant in St Louis, and I forgot to say “I love you” this morning. (Got that right now, too!) 😆 But I do remember that silence in the Painted Hills. Amazing.


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