How I Spent My Saturday Vacation

Sewing. That’s how I spent my Saturday vacation. And hubby spent his removing a door and replacing it with a window. What fun we had! OH – and then we went out for dinner to celebrate. I’m tellin’ ya, we are one swingin’ couple!!

Here’s what I made. I’d found a scrap of fabric at the Goodwill Outlet, where things are sold by the pound. It was pretty ragged around a couple of edges, about 15″ high at its shortest height, and the full length of the original 45″ fabric. The tallest part was a little over 16″. I was wishing I had another few inches of it, but not to be. Anyway, I was able to use the entire piece of what I did have.

As usual, no patterns – just an idea in my head. I figured I could cut the tote about 16″ by 16″, until I discovered only a few inches of the the remnant was 16″ tall, so I made it 15 by 15. Actually, I ended up cutting it 32 wide by 15 tall, and folded it over to make it 16 by 15. I cut the lining and the batting the same size. Trying to figure out how to quilt it was interesting. I ended up just quilting around the big flowers and left it at that.

I did get some shots of the door/window transformation too, which I may share someday, when the transformation is complete. The idea is to put a countertop in, and a doggy palace below it, since it’s over the doggy door. That will entail taking half a cabinet door off to make room for little Spencer’s dog-cave. He wants his own apartment and his own private entrance to the house. Talk about spoiled brat-dogs!

Well, that was our weekend – how was your??


11 thoughts on “How I Spent My Saturday Vacation

    • Aw shucks…thanks so much. 😆 I’m already scheming on how to change it – I want to put a flap on, but don’t have any more of the flowered material, so I’m thinking I’ll just take that keychain apart and use it for a flap, and make the keychain from the lining material. I’m never satisfied! 😆


    • No, I have to say I walked in the sewing room, looked at the rest of the kimono, and decided I didn’t want to think about that right then. And that’s when I spotted the little chuck o’ cuteness lying on top of my ribbon bin, where I’d tossed it after taking it out of the dryer. I just looked at it and decided it wanted to be a tote bag, so I granted its wishes. 😆


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