Seven Steps Revisited

I had to go back. I know, a person shouldn’t torture himself (or in my case, herself) with things from the past. But I just had to revisit the Seven-Step Program (Seven Steps to the Imperfect Purse) and see if I’ve learned from it. Seems I have . . . . . n’t.  Well, maybe a little.

I made a purse over the weekend from an old kimono robe. How did I do with these seven steps, you may wonder. Just a quick recap . . .

  1. Measuring  . . . No problem! It was pre-measured. Those nice, rectangular sleeves were the perfect size for a purse! They cried out for new life – I gave it to the left sleeve. 
  2. Grommets  . . .  No worries here. I didn’t use grommets! 
  3. Raveling  . . .  Again, safe! The lining and the satin sleeve are quite prone to raveling, but they were already sewn together, so no worries.
  4. Handles . . . don’t try to get them the same length . . .  Dodged that bullet – used just one handle!
  5. . . . attaching the front design . . .  hand-stitch it to the front panel . . .  The front did need some sort of design, so I cut one flower from the front bodice and appliqued it on. Hand-stitching was a must here, because I didn’t want the stitching to show through to the lining.
  6. Attaching the lining to the outer . . .  Yup. Didn’t have to do this one. Already attached! Boy, did I luck out!!
  7. . . . wipe your mouth on that piece of iron-on interfacing . . . Hah! This one didn’t get me either. No food allowed anywhere near that white material. Of course, I did have one slight mishap with a pin, but I bled on the other sleeve instead of this one. Whew!

So, whatcha think??

9 thoughts on “Seven Steps Revisited

  1. QUICK — YOUR spit on YOUR blood…don’t let it set!! Doesn’t work as well if you just slugged some tea or coffee tho…so have a bit of water, and SPIT on IT after you bleed. I love your bag!! Your lessons have been well learned! 🙂 Looks great!


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