selfie elfie??

This week’s photo challenge was to take a ‘selfie’ photo. Well, I have something to confess. I look better behind a camera than I do in front of one. So I’d rather show a different type of selfie – self taking the photos. Well, OK – just one selfie, to prove my point. 😆


watching Avonlea

As we ended up having a bit more snow than I’d figured on, I went home from work early yesterday (at my boss’s suggestion), and stayed home today (at my suggestion). It felt like a vacation day, so I did what I like to do on some vacation days: nothing. I watched the snowfall, I fooled around with trying to make a purse pattern, I watched the Avonlea series to my heart’s content, I took a walk in the snow, and I even (gasp!!!) cleaned the house . . . a little. I had to take a series of photos to watch the snow accumulate – just LOOK at that birdfeeder!!!

Spencer enjoyed going for a walk and making tunnels. Little balls of snow clung to his underside, which made for a rather damp quilt when he decided to bless our bed with his presence.

c'mon, let's get this snow on the road

c’mon, let’s get this snow on the road

So, how has YOUR day been?

11 thoughts on “selfie elfie??

  1. I love it! I’m glad you enjoyed your day off. It is funny how when you are handed a load of free time all you want to do it watch Avonlea but when you have to make time you have all these projects that NEED to get done. LOL.


  2. Nice to “see” you! I usually have Anne of Green Gable or Avonlea on while sewing. Those are some of my favorites to listen to while I am sewing away….


  3. I love seeing a picture of you in front of the camera! Thank you!
    All that snow is do hard to imagine while we are in the midst of a hot dry summer. My focus is keeping water available for animals and kids and keeping them in out of the sun! Enjoy your snow’cation days.


    • Every time I see myself in the mirror or in pictures, I wonder when someone is going to introduce me to that old lady. My insides need to be on speaking terms with my outsides. 😆 The snow is gone from the yard now, but there are piles of grey/black snow all around town. That’s when it isn’t pretty, but it sure was beautiful in its purity. Now the question is whether the creek will come up any further into the back yard, with all this rain.


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