Bye baby bunting . . .

. . . daddy’s gone a-hunting . . . .

Anybody remember that little ditty? It’s not entirely applicable here, but still cute. Hubby made a blanket and pillow – and I did the buntings. I used Simplicity pattern #1565 for the blue drawstring one, and Butterick pattern #5583 for the closed-bottom one.

I’d found some fleece at Hancock’s that I liked for this one, but found that fleece could stretch a mile if it didn’t have to walk back. I kinda wonder how long it’s going to look OK. Oh well, good thing babies grow fast! He’ll be out of that before he has time to stretch it out, I’ll betcha. Hey – he may have outgrown it before he gets it! That would be a major bummer.

drawstring open and closed

Simplicity pattern – drawstring open and closed

I didn’t want to use the same material for both, but I had nothing very heavy for the other bunting. That meant I needed to quilt something. I had a lightweight flannel for the backing, and all sorts of babyfied cotton fabric for the front. And a whole lot of batting!

Saaaayyy….batting, huh??? That gave me an idea for the quilting. I didn’t want to just do boring straight lines, so I took a piece of craft paper and drew little baseball shapes all over it, and wrote “Play” and “Ball” here and there. Then I just pinned the paper to the layers of flannel, batting 😆 and cotton, and sewed around my design. Then when I was finished, I tore the craft paper away and changed needles, and added that needle to my collection of flowerpot magnet supplies. I’m still looking for an oversized thimble to use for the pot, but that’s a project for another day.


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