Stick yer mitts up!

Remember in the way-back time, when I was doing all those oven mitts? Remember when I flubbed up and did two right hands mitts? Remember how my computer went belly-up right about then? Boy, you’ve got a good memory!

Well, update time. Little Lubby is home (after three weeks in the ER) and sporting a brand-new brain. She’s also got some frills and bling that she didn’t have before. That’s gonna take a little time to iron out 😆 because she looks so MODERN! She now proudly wears Photoshop CS5 (is that the correct name for that program??) and a new version of Office for Mac. Bless my son for the tech-saint that he is. He got those programs for his mama, and installed them while he was fixing the computer for me. Hey, he even cleaned the keyboard!!

And for the mitts – I got them all done while waiting for Little Lubby to get out of the ER (electronics repair). And since it took three weeks for poor sick Little Lubby to get her head back on straight, I had to find other projects to keep these hands busy. So our little grandson now has two buntings, two chew toys (made with ribbons, tassles, and cloth), a laundry bag for the toys, a pillow (made by hubby), and a blanket (also made by hubby). Toss in three mug rugs to use up scraps. Any day now I’ll figure out that new Photoshop program and get some pictures up. Hubby is pretty proud of that pillow/blanket set he made. I’m kinda partial to it myself.

For now, I’ve ‘kinda’ figured Photoshop out enough to get a couple of shots of those oven mitts. I gave them to my friend and her daughter (the daughter sings AND bakes!). Sure has been fun making these!!!

remember these?

remember these?

now they're these!

now they’re these!

The backsides were made from an old denim skirt that was way, WAY too big for me but perfect for making other things. I’ve been wanting to use that “Treble in the kitchen” ever since I saw it on an apron once. My friend’s daughter (the singer/baker) loved it, she said. My friend is very much into hearts and doing things for her family, so what better combination!!


8 thoughts on “Stick yer mitts up!

  1. Glad you have recovered from the Electronics chaos. Those look like you used the pattern from Maria Shell—Artful Oven Mitts….won’t she be surprised how you “finished” the flip side!! What a great idea. Nice to use a feature on one side!!!


    • It is indeed from Maria’s pattern. Maybe I should pop over there and let her know I finally got those last two done. My friends both loved them!! I even enlarged the pattern and made one for hubby, whose hand wouldn’t fit comfortably into the ones I made for us. Now we have three of our own, and I’ve got big plans to make more.


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