uhm…could I have 205 more slices of that pie?

Yes, my mind is a dwelling place for random things while I have lunch. And since this whole week is all about lunch posts and the things that feed the mind while feeding the tummy, I feel I must make my daily contribution of fat to the blog diet. These are useless but fairly harmless calories, so have no fear — blog-bloat will immediately disappear when you’re finished reading. 

So here’s a thought, and it’s a good one. How amazingly appropriate that daily prompt about lunch posts was on Monday! I mean, I’ve been without my computer for almost three weeks now, and I’m only able to connect at work on my lunch hour. And to think, they gave the option of doing it all week! You KNOW I’m gonna participate in that DP Challenge!

Random (but vital) byte-size brainwaves scramble for top priority while I munch away on my chicken and rice. I solve technical difficulties, plan great speaking engagements that amaze and impress the crowds (three’s a crowd, right?), replay embarrassing scenes to discover where the person who embarrassed me went wrong – and plan the best way to correct their obvious error, become world famous in just an hour’s time for my abilities with the seam ripper and the remake of previously perfect clothing, wonder about things I see while I’m sitting at red lights, and a host of other scenarios. Sometimes I even think about the food I’m eating!

The great thing about all these lunchtime mental exercises is that no one gets hurt. I’ve never actually inflicted injury on anyone in my daily musings. Although there was that one thought about that one guy in front of me at that one red light . . . .

So – what goes through YOUR mind while you’re having lunch?

(and if you’re wondering what I’d want with 205 slices of that pie . . . .)

7 thoughts on “uhm…could I have 205 more slices of that pie?

    • Well, I have no idea what constitutes “punchyish” so I’ll respond with a cautious “No.” The 205 refers to how many more followers I need to make it to 1000 (a goal I set for the blog for 2014). Thanks for stopping by!! 😆


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