HELP! I’m eating again and I can’t stop!!

Something happens to me every. single. day. Right around one in the afternoon, some sort of feverish craving grips me. I get crabby as an old bear, concentration flies right out that window over my desk, a light drool forms in the corner of my mouth . . . and the phone rings. I have to answer it – and be professional, more’s the pity.

Good afternoon, may I help you?

That’s what they hear.

Whaddya want? I’m hungry, can’t you understand that?? DON’T TALK TO ME!

That’s what my brain is trying to get past my lips.

My tummy is screaming at me too – not one to just mutter and growl, it lets me know in no uncertain terms that I have neglected it for too long. So sometimes, just to teach it who’s boss, I make it wait until 1:30. Mother used to say I’d cut my nose off to spite my face. What does she know!!

These lunch breaks may break me yet. Maybe I should just nibble all day instead.

21 thoughts on “HELP! I’m eating again and I can’t stop!!

  1. Yes…nibble…something healthy; but nibble…I keep reading about the way to boost your metabolism and to loose weight is NOT to starve, but to eat several small meals throughout the day. If you are turning into a grizzly bear, you are probably sugar crashing. Eat a chunk of cheese and a few crackers…an apple or at least a few slices; a hard boiled egg…Get some protein going. You will feel so much better!


    • prolly wouldn’t hurt to eat breakfast too, eh? 😆 One o’clock is my regular lunchtime, and boy am I hungry by then!! I think I’ll start taking a little snack, too, like you suggested. Maybe I wouldn’t get so crabby then, huh!


  2. I’m like that around 3 PM, only it’s coupled with extreme exhaustion 😛 I usually try to have almonds or a granola bar handy to curb the massive cravings and give me a slight energy boost to power through. Hope that helps? Oh, maybe try a protein shake to sustain you too! I have one every morning and it helps.


  3. I can nibble all day – not healthy because of coarse I don’t nibble the healthy items!! 😉 How have you been? I am finally finished with year end reports!!! I have life again. 😀


    • I’m doing well for the most part – and so good to hear from you!! I’ll be trying to respond to your email as soon as I get my computer back and can take my time and answer. This doing stuff at work real old real fast.


      • I did not realize your computer was out…I have been thinking of you and keeping you in prayer. Now that life is back to the normal stress level I will look forward to keeping in touch better.


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