lunch at 21

So, yesterday was all about what moseys through my mind while I exercise my stomach muscles. I noticed there were one or three pingbacks to my short lunchlines, so I went to investigate each one.

I thought to myself, as I looked at each pingback, “Hmmm . . . self, do you see a pattern forming here?” Self replied, “Why, yes – I do!” I was number 21 on all of those, which led me to think about pingbacks in general.

And that thought led to another and another and another, and pretty soon my brain was a cluttered mess of jumbled thoughts – all dealing with pingback protocol. When I finally got them all to settle down and allow a certain amount of order to prevail, a whole new thought (aka Miss Bossy) jumped up and took over the meeting.

This meeting of the musings will now come to order! What we need here is a plan. And I’ve got one. We’ll all join hands and tackle this together. You there – Concern! Help Twitterpated get her act together and settle down. Flattered, stop bragging and start helping. Here’s what we’re going to do, y’all. We’re going to go to the source and read all those other lunch posts, and then we’re going to pick out our five favorites and link to them, and them only.

So today I gathered my thoughts, and we are going to do just what Miss Bossy Thought suggested. We’re going to read as many of the lunch posts as possible during a lunch hour, and pick five favorites. I’m OK with being number 21 on everybody’s list, but that spot just kind of says that nobody really read it – they just linked to all the posts in the list. And that method is fine in a sense, because it gives the entire choice to anyone who hasn’t seen the original prompt. I just gotta be different. šŸ˜†

And — TA DA! — these are the ones I chose! (this one because I have family in the armed services, and this rings very true, from what they tell me) (this one because I love that the daughter made lunch!) (this one because hey! this person could be talking about MY dog here!) (this one because I can totally relate! eating at my desk does have certain drawbacks, but at least I have a door I can close) (and this one because that taco seasoning recipe is going to come live at my house!! thanks so much for sharing this!!!!)

Well, there you have it – these are my five choices. I know there are a whole lot more that I missed because my lunch hour is over and I have to actually work now, so if you’d really like to get the full effect of this challenge, visit the link in the first paragraph here. And happy reading!!!

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