the hero is a zero

My goals for this blog aren’t exactly panning out as planned, and it’s only 11 days into the New Year. Whaaaa???? My first flop was this zerotohero thing. I really wanted to participate in that, but alas, ’twas not to be. Since the computer is still not fixed, I’m having to use hubby’s or the one at work on my lunch hour. That means no photos and not much time to do anything. Bummer. Major bummer.

Bad timing, Little Lubby. You just had to get sick right about now!

Reckon I’ll mosey on off and sit in the waiting room. And say a tearful goodbye to zerotohero. Maybe next year.


2 thoughts on “the hero is a zero

    • Well, by the time I get that computer back, I’ll be so far behind I won’t even be interested any more, I’m afraid. I just hope I get the computer back by this weekend, but I just don’t know if that’s gonna happen.


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