computer lobotomy – was it successful?

My computer just went to the ER, where it’s being given an emergency lobotomy. I know, I’m supposed to trust the ER DR, and not worry about what he’s doing to change my computer’s personality while he’s changing its brain cells. But seriously, folks – I fear that it may come out of the operation with a certain Bela Lugosi-ishness, leering at me with its one blinking eye as I enter the room.

Oh, sure, it’ll have a nice new brain – but will it recognize me?  Will it allow me to touch it . . . what if it bites??? Before the operation, I was just the least little bit afraid to lay hands on it to get some work done. It had developed a low growl that only I could hear, every time I put it on my lap. Maybe it didn’t want to be a laptop any more. Maybe it had aspirations of moving higher on the computer chain.  I wonder if it will come back as an iPhone? This could be Sirius!

Stay tuned, folks. Little Lubby gets out of the ER tomorrow. Sure hope she still knows me!


6 thoughts on “computer lobotomy – was it successful?

    • ah, alas, ’twas not to be today after all. Little Lubby is still in the ER . . . translation: my son hasn’t had time to finish it yet. 😆 He said maybe next weekend. I’m using hubby’s computer right now, but I can’t keep monopolizing it. sigh reckon I’ll just have to deal with the withdrawals for awhile longer.


      • I remember when I had to use hubby’s computer, he was so patient with me being on it all the time. I would have been up the walls if that were me!! lol Glad you have a kind considerate hubby.


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