Some folks have two left feet

I have . . .

two right hands
Well, two right mitts, actually. And two rights did make a wrong!

And I was doing so well, too. I spent most of Saturday making oven mitts, using the pattern I received from Maria Shell. Oh, the fun I was having! I made that big ol’ piece of scrappy fabric, and I just got plumb carried away. I did get three made with both a left side and a right side, so I guess three out of four isn’t bad.

Well, there’s nothing to do but fix it. That means more scrappy fabric . . . good thing I’ve got that great big drawer full of scraps. 😆

first run at making scrappy fabric - next one coming!

first run at making scrappy fabric – next one coming!

Lots more where this came from – time to get busy, I reckon.

There’ll be plenty of time to do it, too, since my computer will be in the ER – Electronics Repair – getting a brain transplant. My son will be replacing the hard drive, and he’ll have it all week, so any posting will be done from work on my lunch hour. Back to regularly scheduled random postings next week!! 😆

4 thoughts on “Some folks have two left feet

  1. I have been trying to make winter mittens this week and both times it was fail. First they were to small….now too big. I had 4 right mittens and no left ones. Each time I laugh and vow that by the end of winter I will have it right.


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