the goal post

I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions; instead, I set goals. I’ve set some blogging goals for the year 2014. Hey, if you’re gonna dream, DREAM BIG.

1. hit 1000 followers

Well . . . not actually ‘hit’ them. That would hurt and be rude. My stats say I have 780 as of today, and I have not struck one single follower! But if I do get to 1000, that will mean a celebration in my own REmissionary fashion.

2. do at least one phenomenal tutorial post

That was actually the reason I started this blog: to try doing some posts on how I make stuff. That’s not happened the way I had hoped – but where there’s breath, there’s hope. I’m still breathing, so I’m still hoping to do much better at this.

3. participate in all the weekly photo challenges

I do find these weekly challenges interesting, but alas! laziness has been my constant companion in the past. I’d like to leave that particular personality feature unfeatured this year.

4. take the blog to the cleaners

I’ve been thinking about how to update the look of the blog. It needs a good shaking and dusting and general spit-polish. Well – maybe not SPIT . . . maybe just a good shine.

5. close my other two blogs and concentrate on this one

Originally I split all my interests (REmissionary things, travel, and Bible study) into three blogs, but since that above-mentioned personality feature was highly featured, the other two have been sorely neglected in the past. I’ll just sell their homes or rent them out, and move them back in with their sister blog. They’re siblings, they’ll fight – but they’ll be loyal to each other in the long run. Just wait, you’ll see. They’ll be fine living in one spot again.

6. expand my subject matter to include more than just sewing – make use of Daily Prompts

See above goal.

7. get better at playing Tag

This game of Tag has been a constant source of mystery and intrigue – not to mention confusion – over the last 1 1/2 years. This is the year to develop tagging skills, and then to work on perfecting them.

8. post a weekly ‘my thoughty things’ 

Some days I actually have a thoughty thought. I’ve been thinking of beginning a Thoughty Thoughts Thursday post (has a nice alliterative ring to it, eh?). This is my first ‘thoughty thoughts’ post for the year. 😆

9. improve the quality of photos included with each post

Now, THAT is a lofty goal! It will take more than one year, but definitely worth aiming for. Uhm . . . you may have noticed the absence of photos in this post. That goal starts with my next post.

10. be community-minded

I follow a whole lot of interesting, informative folks around. But I have been very lax in actually letting them know I’m lurking in the shadows of their posts. This year my goal is to visit each blog I follow at least once a week and leave my calling card. I love it when other folks stop by here and swap howdies, so that’s what I plan to do myself.

Well, there are LOTS of other goals shifting and milling around in my head for this year, but these are my top ten. What goals have you set?


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