This is joy!

Remember when I was hoping for some pictures of the boys in their vests? Well . . . as is our normal habit on Sunday afternoons after church, we were at our friends for lunch. And these younguns came bouncing in! It truly gave me SUCH joy to see them in their new outfits. Their mom knew I wanted pictures, so she took these on her phone for me. I felt so happy, I went right straight home to my sewing room and got busy sewing again.

I bet you think I started another dress or vest – nope. I got all creative-feeling and used that idea from sewnhenge and made another mug rug! It’s a little lopsided, so I call it my wonkypad. That’s what happens when I cut one side wrong and don’t catch it until I’ve already sewn a couple more rows on. But hey – it works!! 😆 (pics to follow . . . someday)

3 thoughts on “This is joy!

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