I fought the flaw and the flaw won

There it is again, peering at me around the corner, singing that song. So lush, so beautiful, so velvety smooth, so enticing.  So annoying.

♫ I fought the flaw and the flaw won. 

I hear it even at work. It doesn’t help to put my fingers in my ears and cry, “La La LA La I can’t hear you. La La LA La I’m not listening!” Others in the office just don’t understand that behavior. They can’t hear the song, but I can. I answer the phone at my desk, and it’s in the background; oh, please stop singing that song!

♫ I fought the flaw and the flaw won. 

Maybe if I can just get some sleep . . . deep, dreamless sleep. But no. It’s there, in my dreams. At daybreak I arise and slog to the kitchen for a cup of tea. It calls out from the doorway as I trudge by, rebellion resonating from every fiber of its being. Turning my head, I strive to avoid that insistent, mocking little song. I don’t have time to listen to this! There are too many other things calling for my attention. I assume my most stentorian, commanding tone in defiance of those clinging tendrils of sound.

“Stop taunting me. I WILL conquer you! I WILL prevail over your flaws. I will not be defeated by a mere scrap of cloth – I WILL finish this project!!! Now, NO MORE SINGING, YOU HEAR ME?!”

I march into that room and prepare to do battle. Still the velvety crooning continues.

♫ I fought the flaw and the flaw won. 

Oh, how infuriating! I didn’t fight the flaw and lose, I tell you. I didn’t! I won’t listen. I won’t give in. No snatch of velvet is going to get the best of me.

But each day my resolve grows a little weaker, my grasp on self-confidence slips another micrometer. Vainly I struggle to ignore the taunting words. I offer encouragement to my shattered and tattered ego. “C’mon girl. Fight! You can do it, grasshopper! Don’t be defeated. You fought the flaw and you won. Or at least you will win if you don’t crumple into a whimpering little mound of self-pity.”

♫ I fought the flaw and the flaw won. 

AARRGGH! How can such a soft, velvety, exquisite piece of fabric cause such frustration? How can it look so lovely and inviting, yet be so uncooperative, so unforgiving? Could it be blaming ME for its change in circumstances? Was I the cause of its fall from grandeur? Did I put it in that scrap bin? No! Its altered appearance was not my fault – although I confess, its former state is unrecognizable since I gained possession of it. But it’s all for the better, I tried to explain so often in the last few days. Wasn’t it just a rag-bag thing before, beautiful in color and texture but sadly lacking in form? Now I’m giving it new life, new shape, a whole new purpose, but is it grateful? NOOOOOOOOOO!

Patience is one virtue I am *slightly* lacking in, but I mustered every ounce that I had and pressed it into service. I have persevered. I waded valiantly into the battle, and I have emerged victorious!

♫ I fought the flaw and the flaw’s gone‼ 

Well, maybe not gone. Just cleverly camouflaged.


And so the story goes – still unfolding, halfway finished. By this time on the second Tuesday of next week, I expect to have met the challenge and finished the project. And then I can sleep.


7 thoughts on “I fought the flaw and the flaw won

    • oh, thanks so much. The flaws are cleverly disguised here. Hopefully they’ll never announce their presence. I have one more of these to make for Little Girl (this one is for Big Girl, age 5). If I get through that one in one piece, I’m HOME FREE!!! (actually, I may sound frazzled, but I really am enjoying this challenge)


  1. Beautiful. Ive been stressing out with my projects too. I never would have thought fleece would be so difficult. I think I’ll wait some time before I tackle velvet.


    • Well, I haven’t tried fleece yet. I have learned a few things about working with velvet and satin through this whole project. I figured out that I need to cut each piece separately instead of folding the material and cutting two. That stuff moves too much to get an accurate cut on the bottom piece. The end product is well worth the extra effort.


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