The Velvet and the Vest

It may feel soft, but it’s no soft touch! I had no idea velvet could be so difficult to work with. I’m thinking, what did I get myself into here? Ah, I know – a challenge! Am I up to it? Yes.

On second thought . . . I dunno. I think this might take me down a notch or three. Since I’ve never worked with velvet, nor crepe-backed satin, NOR children’s clothing (other than baby clothes), I just might have taken on more than I can handle. But then again . . . maybe not. Yah, yah, I know – make up my mind, why doncha!

It wasn’t exactly an auspicious beginning with this bolero, but I’m determined to conquer it. Velvet likes to move around all by itself – did you know that? Well, I didn’t! I could have SWORN (if I swore) that I saw it creep sideways more than once while I was pinning it down, and then again when I was putting the first of many seams in that I immediately ripped right back out. Finally I decided the only way to tame that stuff was to hand-baste it into place.

I’m tellin’ ya, if this project turns out well, it will be through sheer perseverance and prayer! This bolero may become my muslin, as I work out all the challenges (thankfully, there’s enough left to cut out another one). But I was happy that the muslin of the vest turned out really cute, at least. Next step is to try it in satin. 


works with cotton - how 'bout with satin?

works with cotton – how ’bout with satin?

Here’s Take One. Stay tuned, folks. Round two is about to begin. Velvet, to your corner. LubbyGirl, to your corner. Now shake pins and come out fightin’!


This (above) is the look I’m after, only in velvet.

This (below) is what I’ve got so far.

it crept, it crawled, it snuck around


 (oh…by the way…I’m on the mend, slowly)


6 thoughts on “The Velvet and the Vest

    • I don’t have a walking foot for the machine I was using, so I guess it’s back to the Janome, or pick up a foot for the Husky. Do you mean use it with the feed dogs still up? I’m in learning mode here. 😆
      I hope the vest is the right size; I should find out today. Thankfully, after I figured out all the instructions, it was pretty easy to put together.


  1. I was going to suggest a walking foot too. Try it on a scrap with the feed dog up, then try it dropped, see which works best for that fabric thickness. You could also do a trial scrap with your reg foot, feed dog down. It’s trial and error with some fabrics, just often more like trying (my patience) errors in my sewing experience. Always lots of prayers too! Glad you’re on the mend.


    • Thanks so much – I will try these ideas when I get home (at work on my lunch hour). I do have a little scrap of the velvet I can use. I’m starting to think I’ll just hand sew both boleros if I can’t figure it out. Thankfully they’re small!! 😆


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