Sometimes I smile real loud

Our friends came over the other day; during the conversation, our friend asked his wife, “Why are you smiling so loud?” I love a smile so loud it speaks to the world in general. There are a few things that make me smile like that.

1. Close friends and family. Having folks come visit, sittin’ and sippin’ tea and swappin’ stories . . . I smile so loud the neighbors can hear. So does my friend, I reckon! 😀

2. My church family. Singing the old hymns and the new worship songs, and hearing a great message about the hope we have in the LORD Jesus – that can pop a great big noisy grin right in the middle of my face. 😆

3. Bloggers who give me awards. Even though I’ve never actually met any of my fellow bloggers, they still give me reasons to smile. I follow a veritable plethora of fun, interesting, informative folks, and also thrive on strolling through other blogs that I haven’t (yet) begun to follow.

I’ve been in a whirlwind since we returned from the wedding; trying to catch up has left me feeling wonky and not a little willynilly. I’ve been trying to catch up at work (haven’t made it yet!) and here at home. Sewing projects, cleaning, visiting, answering letters and emails. Oh my! But that’s not all the catching I’ve been doing. I seem to have caught somebody’s germs, judging from this scratchy throat and stuffy head. If I’d known they were tossing their germs around, I would’ve ducked.

All that to say that I have REALLY been remiss in responding to two very sweet gals who gave me awards. One is Marie from Discovering Marie, who bestowed the Sisterhood of the World blogger award. Another is Joy from joynpain2, who has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger’s Award and the Unique Leaves Award. I want to say THANK YOU to both of you!!

There are rules to accepting these awards, but sometimes I’m not so good at following rules, especially when I’m sick. I’ll just combine the rules from all three, and kind of hit the highlights . . . answer a few questions . . . nominate a few blogs . . . . The thing is, since I’m just *slightly* behind in responding to these, the nominations will take a little different turn. I follow a lot of really cool blogs, and it’s just too hard to pick only a few of them. I’d like to nominate them all. So I will.

As for the questions – there were a lot, so I’ll pick three or two.

Your favorite color . . . red. or . . . maybe blue. no, wait – purple. orange? Oh, I like ’em all!

Tell something about yourself you haven’t shared before . . . uhm . . . well . . . when I was eight years old I wanted to change my name to Marsha because I thought it sounded sophisticated and grown-up. 

How are you and your blog unique? . . . everyone is unique; no two people are exactly alike – God made an amazing variety of folks in this ol’ world! As my foster father used to say, if two people are exactly alike, one of ’em is unnecessary. I feel necessary; therefore, I must not be an exact copy of anybody else. As for my blog, I love to take old stuff and make something different from it (give it a new lease on life, so to speak), and then write about it. That’s probably not unique, but nobody else has the name, “the REmissionary,” so I guess that makes my blog unique.

Well, there ya have it, my life in a nutshell. I’m the nutshell, and easily cracked. But I’m OK with that now.

All the blogs I follow are now nominated for all three of these awards. I feel like every one of you qualifies for them. 


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