Texas Tortilla Warmers

Ever since I received all that wonderful fabric from stitchinggrandma, I’ve had a real hankerin’ to make a few more tortilla warmers. So this weekend I made three. I already have one person who wants one made with Texas-themed fabric  – how awesomely cool is THAT!! She asked me to make her one for her friend in Texas (get this!) THE SAME DAY I received the package. When I opened the package, we had to laugh (I opened it at work so she could see it too).

Naturally, it’s Texas-sized, to fit the big tortillas. I took photos as I went, but this won’t be a full-blown tutorial. Just a basic snapshot of the process. I found the original idea on allfreesewing.com a long, long time ago, on a site called leafy treetop spot. Her tutorial is much better than one I could do, so I’ll just refer you to her. I do the binding on most of the ones I make a little differently from hers, though (although on this one I followed her instructions). I usually make the binding in three parts: the two top halves done first, and then the bottom binding holding the two pieces of the warmer together. I overlap the bottom binding over the two top bindings and fold the edges under so no raw edges are showing. Either way works – hers or mine. It all depends on how much time you want to spend on binding, and which way works better for you. I’ve done both, but I prefer my way.

Oh – one more thing (think Columbo here) . . . I have to give another great big thank-you to Mary for that seam ripper she sent in the package of fabric. Seam rippers are my friends. I’ve laid many a ripper to rest over the years. Each one was a loyal friend, so forgiving of my constant abuse of their power and my unending neediness. They gave their all in my service, and if there were a posthumous ripper-medal to be had, I’d bestow it on every one of them. HEY . . . I wonder . . . .nah.

Oh – one more thing. Really. Only one more. That little star magnet that was in the package? What. A. BLESSING!! I’ve been wearing it when I sew ever since I got it, and oh the joy of having a quick spot to stick pins as I take them out of the project, and not have them just shoved quickly aside on the sewing machine, right under my fingers. Thank you, Mary, THANK YOU!

the star of the show!

the star of the show!

Oh – uhm – well . . . there is just one more thing, and then I promise I’ll stop and show you the wonderful tortilla warmer. All those little scraps are going to become (what else!) a mug rug for me to keep. After all, I won’t be keeping any of these warmers (only the Texas one is pictured here), so I don’t want to forget how nice the material was. OK. There. I said it. Now on with the show!

finished side one

finished side one

finished side two

finished side two


5 thoughts on “Texas Tortilla Warmers

  1. I am so glad you like everything in the package!! The little white end on that seam ripper is neat, cause it kinda pulls out the loose threads as you go. I got one for myself; along with the PinPal magnet!! It so fun to me when quilters invent cool tools. Love your use of the FQ’s!! Weren’t they the most fun fabrics??? I loved them!


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