And . . . BloByBlo is NoMo

(the last haiku for the weekly writing challenge – I totally PROMISE)

So, it’s come to this.

BloByBloMo  is NoMo,

Until December!

(that’s right. I’m done with BloByBloMo, more commonly known as NaBloPoMo. You won’t be hearing from me again until December!)

2 thoughts on “And . . . BloByBlo is NoMo

  1. I’m there with you. Whew, didn’t think I would make it. Had to pre-schedule 10 posts while I was holiday as I forgot I would be out of the country during the challenge.


    • oh my goodness – so did I! I forgot we’d be gone half the month, so I scheduled ALL of the posts, one or two days ahead at a time. I was able to take my laptop with me, thankfully, so that helped. It was fun, but I’ll be getting back to my haphazard schedule now. 😆


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