Seriously? I mean, really?? a GARBAGE can???

The Daily Post writing challenge is about fears. Do you conquer your fears, or do they conquer you?

how safe is YOUR garbage?

how safe is YOUR garbage?

I’d always had a fear, almost amounting to paranoia, of being burglarized – until it happened, and I lived to tell about it. I’ve had other fears, some pretty intense, and others that never amounted to a hill of beans, but one thing I’ve never feared: that someone would steal my garbage can. Why would anyone steal a garbage can, for cryin’ out loud?? My mind has always been totally at ease about its security.

Well, whatcha think hubby found this morning when he took the trash out? No garbage can. Anywhere. I just. don’t. get it. Was I wrong in my blithe assumption of trash safety?

The can is replaceable. The feeling of being violated – now, that is a little harder to deal with. But you know what? Even in such a weird, petty-minded theft that leaves me scratching my head in bewilderment, there is room for thanksgiving. It could have been worse; I could’ve REALLY had something to fear. I mean, someone could have broken into the house again (been there, don’t wanna go back), or smashed the car window for some perceived item of value (nothing in there worth taking). Or they could have done random, vicious vandalism. I’m thankful it wasn’t anything like that. But it sure makes me wonder what people are thinking when they steal a garbage can – would they have taken it had it been full?

Like the Bible says, “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (I Thess 5:18) Well, folks, I’m learning a few lessons here – you really don’t know what a day will bring . . . so I’m giving thanks that it wasn’t worse. And I’m learning that the fear factor doesn’t have to rule me. I’m praying for whoever did it to realize that such behavior steals more from them than from me. I’m only out a garbage can, but they sustain damage to their integrity, their self-respect, and their own peace of mind.

Have you had anything like this happen? What did you do? Could you find anything in the incident to be thankful for?

8 thoughts on “Seriously? I mean, really?? a GARBAGE can???

  1. I’ve had my car broken into THREE times in my own driveway. It is no fun feeling violated! I might be a little scared of the garbage thing though, with the whole identity theft thing.. I guess if I were you I’d make sure to keep on top of things in case you may have had any credit card/ important numbers paper work in there.. Not to freak you out more..


    • well, thankfully, it was only garbage in the can. and the can was emptied that morning – we don’t have credit cards, and paper goes in another recycling bin, and we shred anything offering credit cards, etc. just another head-scratcher. I think it was someone down the alley that wanted an extra can or something. go figure. But you know the REAL bummer? The garbage co. said they’d replace it this once, and if it happens again, it will cost us – US!!! – $75. Yep.


  2. Only had one burn to a large blue blob once. Hubby left flammable rags in it and the fire department had to come put it out.

    But really… who would want a garbage can. That’s pretty desperate!


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