A short story about a short purse

I finished the little purse (made from toddler shorts) I started before the trip. My shoulders and eyes will attest to the attention given that little project. Hubby came in to say good night, and I thought it was about 9:00 – yah … no … it was 11:00! I thought, “Ya know, I’m gonna finish this thing before I go to bed.” And of course, a project can NEVER go completely as planned, but finish I did – about 1:59 a.m.

I only put the zipper in twice on this purse, which is pretty good for me. And figuring out exactly how to attach it was a bit of a challenge. I ended up basting one side just under the inside of the waistband, then opening the zipper and basting to the other side, tucking the closed end of the zipper up under the waistband and hand-stitching that part of the waistband back down to the shorts – er, purse.

I was able to use all but one tiny scrap of the original white polka-dot belt, to make it go all the way around the purse instead of just on the front like it was at first. But of course, I got so engrossed in trying to make it work that I forgot to take pictures of the last little bit, the little flap with the button. But it all worked in the end, and I tested it (I always try them out after I make them). It holds about half what my current purse holds, which I knew would be the case. But I’m OK with that now.

I was kinda bummed that I seem to have lost that little piece of red fabric left over from the purse’s lining. I’m sure those nasty scrap-snatchers have been at work here, or I never would’ve lost it. Couldn’t be anything I’ve done (halo slightly askew). I compensated by making the strap out of some rope from an earlier purse project. It worked out OK, since I wanted this to have an over-body strap, and I only had enough of the red to make a regular-length shoulder strap.

I hope those scrap-snatchers put that piece to good use (no, not as a hangman’s noose – would I say that??). Who knows, maybe they’re making pint-sized purses and needed a piece of red. I’ll go with that thought and extend forgiveness. This time.

The sweater I was wearing while sewing this looks like I should change my name to “The Thread Bearer”! It’s normally purple, but underneath all those white thread snippets it was hard to tell. I guess sometimes the proof of a finished project is on the sweater. 😆

So, here’s the petite purse, just in time to either give away or put in my stash for any upcoming bazaars I might be able to participate in. It has a little more fringe since I took these photos, but that’s the only thing that’s different.


4 thoughts on “A short story about a short purse

    • yah, when ya get engrossed in project, it’s hard to pull away. I find myself thinking I can get just this one more thing done, then go to bed. oh, well, maybe just this one next, and THEN off to bed. and on it goes. 😆


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