rainbows and sundowns

Last leg of the California journey ended beautifully, I think, even though most of it was either through rain or fog or both. Coming along one stretch of Hwy 101, we were rewarded with a gorgeous rainbow. I was able to grab a shot of it out the window, which thrilled me no end. But the REAL thrill came just a few hundred yards farther, when we saw the rainbow’s end – on the road ahead of us! How many times have you driven through a rainbow?? It was SO. COOL.

Just past this really great rainbow, the road curved back toward the ocean, and we had to stop for awhile and take a few more photos. This one was taken in between rain showers, as the sun was getting closer to the water.

sunsets speak of the glory of GOD!

sunsets speak of the glory of GOD!

On down the road – or up the road, actually, since we were driving north – it started getting pretty dark. We pulled over and got a few shots of the sun going down on the water. These were taken within just a few minutes of each other, on two different cameras. Hubby took the one with the blue, and I took the orange one. The orange one is totally unretouched; the blue one was resized (it was a huge file).

I have to say, we had so much fun trying to get “that perfect shot” of the sun going down.  And I also have to say that even though we’re home, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m done sharing photos of the journey. No sirree bobalouie! 


4 thoughts on “rainbows and sundowns

    • funny you say that – we have a photo wall in the living room (well, we will when I get it put back up after moving) of places we’ve traveled, and we were talking about updating some of the photos before we put them all back up. I’m thinking these will be great to add to the wall.


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