how ’bout this BloByBloMo thing anyway?

blow by blow

Sometimes I crack me up.

Seems every time I try to tell hubby what I’m doing this month (the NaBloPoMo thing), it comes out sounding more like Blow by Blow. So that’s what I’m gonna call it – for me, this is the BloByBloMo. And next month will be the BloByBlo NoMo. This blog will return to its regularly scheduled haphazard postings – mostly about the world of REmissioning things and about Spencer the Wonder Dog.

Just thought I’d throw that out there and see if anybody catches it and tosses it back. Are ya out there? How’s the Blow by Blow thing going for you? Are you participating, or sitting this month out?


9 thoughts on “how ’bout this BloByBloMo thing anyway?

      • It’s hard for me to say, and would be hard for me to keep up with too πŸ™‚
        Sorry to leave you hanging! FlyByBloGo is when you only have a few minutes to blog, so you Fly By and post to your Blog then Go. I guess it could also be considered “Drive by blogging” LOL. It is kinda fun, but it makes for a very haphazard posting schedule.


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