halfway there

I started this little purse before we left for the wedding, so it’s only half done so far. This little pair of shorts were so cute, about a 12-month I think. They look bigger in the pictures. This is as far as I’ve gotten, but Lord willing I’ll finish when we return. I have another project in the works too, something I have never done before. Ach! I don’t know how that will turn out!!

The lining on this was a little piece of cotton I had left over from some project (now I can’t remember which one) a few years ago. Yep, I just cannot bring myself to throw scraps of fabric away. See, they come in handy! 😆

The shorts had a cute little “belt” sewn onto just the front part. Too bad there were only those two pieces. I took them apart and used part of one as a detail on the little card pocket inside. Why I cut the first liner so small, I don’t know. It didn’t fit the card when I sewed it together the first time; that comes from not measuring properly. I was really happy I had so much red left over to fix it, because there isn’t much of that polka-dot.

I still need to make a strap. That will take some thinking, so I’m glad I’ve got some time to do that – think, I mean. For now, I’m headin’ on down the road, lovin’ the trip! 😆


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