Ladies and Gentlemen, May I Present……

The bride and groom!

the Mr. and the Mrs.

the Mr. and the Mrs.

It finally happened! And, I was able to get a few pictures to share. Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple. Bushed in-laws!

I’m too tired to even share all the pictures! But I just have to show a couple of them. The bride designed all this herself, and did all the little paper covers that went over the tea lights, and made the birds and most of the other stuff. She came up with the idea of having guests sign the blocks in the Jenga game, so that when she and her groom play Jenga, they will see all the sentiments from their wedding. That’s a wonderful, unique way to keep the memories of the day fresh, and not just tuck a guest book away in a closet or inside a scrapbook (although she will be making a scrapbook also, I’m told).

There were so many detailed, beautiful, personal touches all through the decor. They did a great job on their vows to one another, and on their dinner speeches. Funny, witty, loving. What more can I say? It was well worth the trip. And now we go home . . . tired, but very happy for them.

Here are a couple pictures of some of the decorations. Aren’t they beautiful!!


8 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, May I Present……

  1. What a beautiful photo – I love the jenga idea – it is too bad I am already married – I would have copied them. Found this blog via pillows – a – la -mode. it looks lovely.


    • well, howdy lundygirl – hey!! that sounds a WHOLE lot like LubbyGirl. 😆 thanks for stoppin’ by to swap howdies. And I wish I’d thought of that jenga idea too. She’s so creative – glad she’s in the family!!


      • I know our names sound the same – big apologies for that – mine started out as Lundbygirl – as I love their doll houses – but then I got all worried about copyright so I dropped a letter.
        If we live long enough to celebrate our 40th anniversary I’ll be using the jenga idea for the party! I’ll have to keep it in mind for my daughter!!


        • oh my goodness – don’t apologize! I think it’s pretty cool. I even found one blog with a stuffed toy she’d made and named Lubby. 😆
          And Lord willing, you’ll get to do that for your 40th – hey, you could even use it for a birthday party. It could happen!!


          • Ah, thank you. I’ll keep the jenga idea in mind for my husbands big 5 0 – can’t believe he’s going to reach that milestone soon!


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