Doin’ stuff, havin’ fun – then comes the WEDDING!

So! If given a choice, which would you take: a night out to a fancy restaurant, or a parking lot?

When I was a little kid (why yes, I CAN remember that far back), one of my favorite things was the rolling store. What’s that, you ask? Well, I’ll just tell ya. It was a big truck, loaded with all sorts of goodies. It drove through little communities, and folks would flag it down and buy fruit and veggies and meats and CANDY from it. I loved it when it was my turn to go flag it down. I got to carry all the hard-earned and hoarded coins my brothers and sisters and I had amassed, and whatever my mother had managed to scrape up, and take all the ‘orders’ down (we lived up a hill, above the road) to the truck. And then I got to pick out my favorite candy. So many choices – so many voices! All yelling from the house, “Hurry up! Don’t take all day!!”

Last night we did something that, even if in the remotest sense, kind of brought that feeling back. We went to a rolling deli. Well . . . not exactly a deli. It’s a whoooollllle lotta food trucks, all in one big parking lot, for one day only. They go from city to city – kinda like a caravan, I think – and set up in parking lots. The turnout was amazing – but typical, I’m told. I had a chicken wrap, and hubby had a burrito. Some others had gourmet grilled cheese – yes, there is a gourmet grilled cheese truck. I kid. you. NOT.

I didn’t have my camera with me, so the bride took a couple of shots with her phone. There was no rehearsal for the wedding (that’s today!), so that meant no actual rehearsal dinner. We opted for this instead – the whole gang (13 of us) descended on the place en masse, and claimed two tables. Oh, did I tell you they set up folding tables and chairs in the parking lot? And roll in some sort of heat thingies? Sure helped knock the chill off the night.

Well, it was a different way of going out to eat, and I have to say, it was FUN! I was amazed at how many people show up for this night of eating in a parking lot. What do you think – would you do this??

Stay tuned for a few wedding pictures – I promise! Soon.


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