Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

travel trailer

Well, folks and fellers, we’re on the road again. But, contrary to the photo above, we’re not taking the whole house with us. That means my sewing machines are going through withdrawals. But it’s for a worthy cause, so I’ll just explain that to both machines when I get home. Somehow my son being around (watching the house for us while we’re gone) just doesn’t do the same thing for those machines. He never even looks at them, so they feel just the tiniest bit ignored. But Spencer is beside himself with joy; he loves my son!

All that to say that after the wedding and the road trip, I’ll be back finishing up some projects. I can’t WAIT to make something from those wonderful fat quarters I just won over on the blog, stitchinggrandma. Woo hoo!!

So, for the next few days be prepared to be bombarded blessed with photos and glowing accounts of California and wedded bliss. That is all. 😆

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