Gas Up!

Here we are at the gas station, ready to fill the tank. Hey! Where’s the gas money?? Ah, there it is.

tow insurance

So, I finally got the third cash pouch made. And what kind of fabric should be used for a gas fund pouch? That’s right! CARS!! I used the remnants of an old white sheet that I’d salvaged for the liner, and a Cars sheet I’d found at a thrift store for the outer – hardly worn at all! Did y’all see Cars? My friend’s 6-year-old just loves that movie – I think if I made him an allowance pouch out of this material, he’d be a savin’ lil’ dude. Hey . . . that’s an idea – don’t tell him I’m thinking of making this for his Christmas present, OK? OH – where was I? Oh yes, talking about the cash pouch, not the movie.

Anyway, I tried again with putting a zipper in. What is it with me and zippers? This one wasn’t quite as bad as the egg money pouch, but still presented its own set of problems. I tried covering the ends of the zipper, but ended up taking the cover off the open end (it didn’t look right after I sewed the pouch together). I had to use a long zipper (I have to use what I’ve got on hand) and cut it to fit, and I wanted the closed end to hang out. Something tells me I should have gone to my favorite websites and looked at how to do these things. I would’ve saved myself a lot of trouble. I would’ve remembered NOT to sew over the end of the zipper, just sew up to it on each side. It only took two times of taking the seams out around the zipper (sound familiar??) to remember that little detail.

Another thing I tried was a shortcut I’d seen on a blog called Insatiable Need a couple of years ago on (before I began blogging). What she had done was fold the seam allowances down first, and laid the pieces wrong sides together, then slipped the zipper between them as though it had been sewn down already. She then topstitched the three together, skipping the step of sewing the zipper in before topstitching. That worked, so thank you, dear insatiable need!

I got so caught up in trying to finish this that I forgot to take pictures of sewing the seams and putting the zipper in. OOPS

Anyway, here’s my attempt to make this on my own. Even with all the self-induced problems, I had a lot of fun making these three pouches, and I will very likely make more in the future. After all, there’s a little boy who loves Cars that needs to learn budgeting, right?


5 thoughts on “Gas Up!

  1. Zippers can be a real pain. I especially dread replacing invisible zippers, I get plenty of seam ripping practice! I love your pouches, great-looking finished products! I just saw some similar ones in a list of gift ideas, selling for $35 – small & $40 – large. Think of the money you saved by making them yourself and the problems you encountered don’t seem so bad!


    • Yep, that’s a good point. And I had no idea they sold for that much. I’ve got a fortune holding my fortune! 😆 Well, they’re both small fortunes, but that’s OK.
      And I’ve not tried invisible zippers yet. maybe not ever. 😆


  2. You are a little energizer bunny – I hope that will be me the week of Thanksgiving when I am off from work. Between lunch dates and sewing there will be no time for exercise – but if I have the choice between going out to eat and sewing and exercising….well, it is no contest!! 🙂 They are so cute – I do like this one for the gas, but don’t you think it needs to be bigger! LOL {just teasing…it is that Irish sense of humor again…it is the perfect money bag for to save up for gas}


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