the fun fund pouch

So, remember when I was jawin’ about that egg money pouch – you know, the epic fail one? I tried a different idea on this one, loosely patterned after the wishbag (my allowance pouch).

Did I tell you about my journey of joy a couple of weeks ago? I went with my friend (the one I made the duckie blanket for) to all the thrift stores that are worth their thrift-store title around here. We made a day of it, starting with breakfast, then a couple of places where we gleefully touched every single thing in the store, then lunch, then MORE gleeful gleaning (yes, I am an alliteration aficionado). And in all that gleaning, I found a swatch of gold fabric, very light (help me here – I don’t know material names very well). Β And the star fabric was given to me by another friend a couple of years ago, and has been waiting in the wings for its chance to shine. Sorry – just could not resist that! πŸ™„

I needed to do a little quilting on this, since it’s lined with a remnant of my old ironing board pad. I didn’t really want to do ‘regular’ quilting, so I opted to use some gold metallic thread and ’embroider’ on it, using the walking foot. What’s that type of embroidery called? I know there’s a name for it. Anyway, I just stitched back and forth and free-handed the word “fun” in a couple of places, and then really big across what was to be the flap. I mean, after all, this IS the Fun Fund pouch!

So here is the fun fund pouch, in pictorial form.

A side note here: I hope you’re not getting tired of seeing daily posts from me. I signed up for the NaBloPoMo, and I am determined to follow through with posting each day for the month of November. Some posts mayΒ will be out of my normal posting categories, so be forewarned. We’ll be gone part of the month for a wedding also, so my sewing machine will be looking for Dear John letters in the mail for awhile. But none will come, Dear Machine, I promise you! We’ll be back to warmly greet you!!

5 thoughts on “the fun fund pouch

  1. I like you took on the mind crazing NaBloPoMo challenge. It’s actually been very good for me because I’ve for the time being changed my focus from cooking back to photography and am having fun going through my vast catalog of images. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects.


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