Billy Graham’s “Hope America” video

I’ve been seeing this posted all over Facebook and on some of the blogs I follow, so I had to go take a look. It’s even posted on the Facebook of my work! I watched it during my lunch hour, and found myself crying.

Since we don’t get TV, I missed it when it was aired. Then when I saw it on Facebook, and the comments of a couple of the folks who shared, I thought they were so great I asked them if I could share those comments here, along with the video. So here they are – one is from a young lady and the other is from a man.

(young lady’s comments)

As I contemplated Billy Graham’s message last night, I was reminded once again that America’s problem is not broken families, abortion, homosexuality, social injustice, etc. These are the symptoms of our problem.Our problem is the human heart.Sin is the disease.And Jesus is the only answer.Billy Graham could’ve given us a message about protecting the family, marriage, or the right to life, but he knew that the root of all of these is our sinful heart and the cross is the remedy for all of them. So while we post all sorts of articles about all these social issues, and that’s good and fine, let’s not forget to post about the Answer too.In case you missed it last night, here’s “The Cross.”

(the man’s comments)

As my heart is touched by these two testimonies, I realize how again I AM BLESSED! Because I can relate, I have felt the heart and life changing power of God and His Holy Spirit. How wonderful is the precious gift of Salvation on the cross through Christ Jesus!……Can you relate?

What are YOUR thoughts on this video?


2 thoughts on “Billy Graham’s “Hope America” video

  1. Thank you for posting those comments; I agree with what they both said, and also agree with Billy Graham’s message. I believe he prayed for and delivered the message that God gave him to pass along. It was bittersweet to see and hear him, knowing it may not be long before the Lord calls him home. But none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, he may outlive me.


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