Well, the duckies are ready for their bath and beddy-bye time, and a long trip to Alabama. I had a few challenges (which may not show up in these photos), but overall, it’s OK. And the best thing is, my friend likes it!!

There was an issue with the tension that, not being familiar with knits, I didn’t know quite how to deal with. The bottom thread looked pretty flatline (not dead, just not very active), and the top thread was all loopy (I promise you, neither I nor my thread drink!!). I ended up adjusting the top tension a little tighter, which *seemed* to help somewhat. Maybe I should have adjusted the bottom one, though, instead. I’m not too good yet on knowing how to adjust tension and knowing which one needs it, and (as my great-niece used to say when she was 4) I’m “skeert ta dayeth” to mess with the bobbin tension. (translation: scared to death)

And that idea that sauntered through my mind about outlining random duckies? Well, I just couldn’t decide which ones to outline and which ones to ignore, so I just went with the “no duck left behind” and did them all. Yes, every single duckie got rewarded with its own yellow halo of thread.

And here it is, in its entirety…


14 thoughts on “NO DUCK LEFT BEHIND

  1. Hey, I was just over at “Lucid Gypsy’s” site, and she has an article posted about a group of college students who created a whole fashion wardrobe out of reused materials — along with the photo of a terrific dress that was made from curtains. Sounds like something you might do, huh? I think you might enjoy the post if you haven’t already seen it. Here’s the link:


  2. Don’t be afraid to adjust bobbin b tension. I recently had to tighten my bobbin and that fixed the problem. There is a great tension article I have on pinterest. I will post it to my blog.


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