AWWWW . . . you’re SEW SWEET!

Anybody who knows me knows that I like to browse WordPress blogs in my Reader. I find a lot of information, and a huge amount of encouragement as I navigate Blog Creek (it runs right through Blogovia). And I like to enter contests and giveaways and stuff when I come across them; I entered another one just recently. And I won!! These note cards came in the mail today, from Vint Hill Vintage. Reckon I’ll be sending a few notes to a few folks now. Thanks, Erin!! I love them! 😀

I usually hang out in the sewing section of the Reader. When I came across Vint Hill Vintage, I saw that she had a tutorial on how to make scallops – something I’ve not tried before. Someday I plan to venture into dressmaking, so this will come in handy. Actually, it will come in handy now – I’m thinking I could use that skill on the next purse I make.

Now, back to these note cards. Check out the details on the girls’ ears – cute little earrings! OH – and . . . uhm . . . I guess I should say, these didn’t actually come pre-addressed. Photoshop is a wonderful thing. 😆

sew sweet

14 thoughts on “AWWWW . . . you’re SEW SWEET!

  1. I think your so clever LubbyGirl and you don’t even loose the Patterns, amazing.

    As for me, it’s cooking that I enjoy most, but I’m OK sewing on buttons and ironing on patches but I love what others create like the ones you do but there is a problem with them , you can’t eat them.

    Annie has lost it! 🙄


    • yah, me too – and some very forgiving ones, thankfully, when I blow it and spell something wrong. I cannot BELIEVE I spelled the name of her blog wrong at first – why ‘village’ got stuck in my head instead of ‘vintage’ I’ll never know. Duh 🙄


  2. Glad they arrived safely. I hoarded these note cards for months and then decided to share the awesomeness with someone else. So happy that you love them! I agree that there is a ton to learn from bloggers – better than sitting in a classroom any day! I learned nearly every couture method I know from fellow bloggers. Hail to the almighty sewing blog!


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