my allowance has moved

We’ve been budgeting for about 3 years now. One thing that keeps us on track and able to stick to said budget is an allowance. We pay ourselves, right along with the bills. I’ve been keeping mine in a little red plastic zip pouch. Not much to look at, but at least I know that any money in that little thing is mine, to spend any way I want.

Well, guess what? My allowance has a new home!! Nicole at a woven life had a birthday this month, and she was giving the gifts! I am now the proud recipient of her handmade (and very adorable) allowance pouch. I love the quilting on it, and the design. Every time I open it, I’ll be thanking her.

The wishbone is a perfect motif for this bag. I’ll call it my wishbag – it holds money to spend on things I love, something I wished for growing up. Now I’m blessed twice: having a little cash to spend any way I want, and having a cute place to store it.

You know, she even sent a Thank-You note in the gift!! Now, THAT is special. I can’t remember ever having been thanked by the person giving me the gift – usually it’s the other way round. Gotta say, right here right now —


new home


13 thoughts on “my allowance has moved

    • It’s not leaving my purse now. I have a small phone/card/cash holder I made to wear on my belt when I don’t want to carry a purse, but where the purse goes, the wishbag goes! Thank you again!!


  1. That is a terrific idea…is there a standard pattern for it? I am a direction type gal…I would love to make these for my kids to put their Christmas money in and hopefully a way for them to start putting a little aside each pay day.


    • It’s a pretty standard design, done a little differently from what I usually do. You gave me an idea here – I think I will try making one, using this one as a springboard. After all, this IS Copycat Month, right? 😆 When I do it (I’m thinking next week), I’ll post step-by-step directions.


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