I’ll make a note of that

OK, so I’m a copycat.

I see things others have made, and it flings a cravin’ on me. I gotta try that too! Last week it was the Bubby apron (which I love, by the way, and am keeping for this ol’ selfish gal). The week before that it was the ironing pad – which I also love very, very much.

Well, this week I wanted a small magnet note board for right behind the sewing machine table. Wall space is at a premium in my sewing room – not much to choose from. Whatever I make for hanging stuff on has to be small but useful. I’d seen an idea on Pillows-A-La-Mode, and . . . well . . . yup. I copied. Shamelessly. But not exactly like hers, mainly because I have to work with what I’ve got, and what I’ve got is an old Christmas cookie-tin lid. No cute metal serving trays (gave them all away when we moved), no cookie sheet (yup, gave them away), not even a cooling rack (hubby wouldn’t let me touch that!).

So I worked with what I have, and since I didn’t really care all that much for the picture, I decided to cover it with cloth. And since this is an experiment, I wanted to use something that wasn’t all that special to me, just in case it didn’t work out so well – kinda like making a muslin when you’re trying out a new dress pattern.

Well, folks, here is my little round note holder, as yet unnamed.

HEY – I could call it Tuit, and then I could say I finally got a round tuit.


Even I didn’t think that one was funny – and I’m easily amused.

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3 thoughts on “I’ll make a note of that

    • Thanks so much. Now it’s done flung a cravin’ on me for another one, to go over on the other wall. 😆 But I’m waiting until I can sneak that cooling rack out of the kitchen (OH! did I say that out loud??? don’t tell hubby!). It has a perfectly spaced grid for hanging things AND for magnets, no cover needed (cute just the way it is). Reckon he’d notice if it was missing??


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