A Bubby for my Hubby – or . . . maybe . . . not

I did it. I made Bubby’s Apron, from a pattern that I found on Curls n Skirls. She was so sweet, and sent it to my email because I was having trouble getting it to download. I made it this weekend. When you visit her blog, tell her hello from me, and look at the beautiful apron she made from this pattern. Instructions can also be found there.

all present and accounted for

all present and accounted for

I’d planned to make a barbecue apron for hubby, using some really cute material I’d bought just for that purpose. But he said he was quite happy with the one apron I’d brought him from Paris several years ago, and the chef’s hat I’d made to go along with it.

Naturally, I cannot ever leave a pattern exactly as I find it. I put a couple of ruffles on the shoulders and called it mine. I decided to REALLY make it mine and use orange polka-dot material for the flip side. I noticed, though, that when I lined the orange pockets, it made them appear a different color from the body. And I also noticed that the color changed in each of these photos – same material, different look. Oh well, I’m OK with that now.

And guess what? After all that trouble my new blog friend went to, sending me that pattern with the instructions that actually printed out (the part I’d had trouble with before) – I jumped in with both feet and no brain. I forgot I had the instructions!!  So, I cut out all the pieces (each piece was marked with how many I needed), then sewed the ties together, and then put the pockets on each front apron piece (OK so far).

And then my mind went out for a walk without me. Fending for myself, with no recollection of instructions (lying right behind me, by the sewing machine), I sewed the shoulders together on each side first. Then the ties went on the sides, and then I sewed it all the way around the outer edges. I got to wondering, about halfway through (when my mind came back all refreshed from its walk), what I was going to do with that neckline. I’d already cut the front down lower, because the original neck hole fit me more like a crown than an apron. Hard to see what I’m cooking with my apron up on top of my head.

I remembered seeing a really neat idea for sewing bias tape on another blog. I read a lot of sewing blogs! If it was yours that I found this tip on, please remind me, because my mind went out for another walk just about now, looking for japanese chickens. (did I tell you about japanese chickens? Well, they’re . . . uhm . . . later. I’ll tell you later)

What was I saying? Oh yeah, bias tape. Well, after I used the rest of my orange material to make the tape, I sewed the first side down the usual way (if you sew, you’ll know what ‘the usual way’ is. If you don’t sew, ask me and I’ll explain what I mean). Then when I turned it over to the other side of the neckline, I used a decorative stitch to sew it down instead of a straight, plain-jane stitch. That way I was sure I got it sewn all the way around and didn’t wander off into the body of the apron with the stitch line. I do that on bias tape right regular.

"wrapped candy" decorative stitching

“wrapped candy” decorative stitching

This will either get sold at the November crafts bazaar, or given to my friend who is an AMAZING baker (AND whose favorite color just ‘happens’ to be orange), if I don’t decide to keep it for selfish reasons. I don’t think it looks all that great on me, though, but I sure love the colors!!


7 thoughts on “A Bubby for my Hubby – or . . . maybe . . . not

    • aw shucks – thanks. 😆 Last time my brain came back, it brought a friend. But I didn’t like being called double-minded, so it had to go. 😆
      I think I’ll make the single sided version of this next – with a yoke instead of ties (I don’t like ties around the neck very much). That will mean more altering of the pattern, though.


  1. Brava to you for making this up!!! And many thanks for the shout out. Love your idea about bias binding; what to do with the second side always bothers me. Decorative stitching is a great idea. So glad this worked out for you!


  2. Double-minded. 🙂 🙂 Good one! Really like the ruffle shoulders! (P.S. Didn’t know your name was Linda. That’s my real name. Ann is my middle name. You’re not surprised are you?)


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