This is gonna take two coats and a sweater!

This is a bigger job than

it looked at first.

before it all began

First coat . . . 

first coat on

Second coat . . . 

second coat drying

. . . and . . . 

the sweater

Well . . . I didn’t really sweat . . . . No, really, I didn’t. Honest! I just had glowing moments.

Ta-Da!! Finally!


That bright white paint really shows how dingy the rest of the paint is – can’t wait to get the whole room painted. But that’s a job for the winter. The other cabinets are well on their way to being done by next weekend. More on them another day. Gotta go take a shower now. 😆


20 thoughts on “This is gonna take two coats and a sweater!

    • Thanks so much – it was so wonderful to actually get to put the stuff into that one yesterday. Now for the other three, and then to move the table back into place and get all that paint stuff off it. Woo Hoo!!! 😆


    • And I love the progress we’re making right now! So far only one injury to the sweater. Snagged just a little, but a little patch and she’s as good as new. 😆 (caught my finger on the metal shelf bracket)


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