no. really. this IS progress!

this will all change. any day now.

this will all change. any day now.

I know. It looks more like regress than progress. But I promise you – this is progress! We had to take everything out of two cabinets so hubby could work on them. That, of course, meant piles of stuff in front of these cabinets. The cabinets have been lined, and now I need to spack (yeah, that’s a word), sand a little, and start painting. This wall will be done next – as soon as the shelves are in the other cabinets, and I can move all this stuff.
I just gotta wonder – how does one small project (a new sewing table) turn into FIFTEEN projects so quickly??  Nope. Can’t just build a table and start sewing. 😆 Gotta do all this too!

1. line cabinets to cover yucky pegboard  (refer to picture on left)

2. shelves for cabinets

3. do something with all the glass that came out of cabinets

4. make new doors for cabinets (do you get the feeling those cabinets might be an issue???)

5. paint cabinets

6. after the cabinets are painted, the rest of the room will need painted

7. if the rest of the room is painted, the hallway is going to look dingy

8. skylight!

9.  electrical outlets  updated

10. mirror and pictures hung on walls (OK, so it’s not a big project – still needs done!)

11. new front window that opens (really need cross-ventilation!)

12.  lighting!

13.  new swivel stool (yup, that made the list!)

14.  cork board and dry erase/magnetic board for new cabinet doors (good spot for a note board)

15. finish table base (should I use contact paper or line with cloth? or paint? DECISIONS!!)

See what I mean??


18 thoughts on “no. really. this IS progress!

  1. Wow! I can SO identify! My hubby graciously complied for a request for a bench that contains 3 drawers. It’s almost finished (just need to add handles and move it upstairs.) But in my mind, to be completely functional, I then needed a completely new room arrangement including closet. It was a LOT of work but the upside is purging and donating. I’m very happy, but would you believe I’m now planning new paint color and floor refinishing for this winter? What’s WRONG with me?? I know–too much DIY network. 🙂


  2. If anybody can do it, it will be Steve — he’s one of the most talented men I know, particularly when it comes to moving earth or cabinets or walls…..he and Linda make a great pair 🙂


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have a sewing room that I love, though I’d love it even more if I could add some features to it. When we first moved into this house I claimed that room that had been an office, and just to make sure that no one would steal it I painted it all pink and white. One of my favorite things about it is the closet which stores quite a bit of my stash, but there is also a light in there and a full-length mirror which is so great for trying stuff on. We used it a LOT when I was making my daughter’s wedding dress back in May. The kids are a lot more willing to try stuff on when they just have to nip into the closet instead of trekking to the other side of the house! I just wish my room was big enough for a cutting-out table.


    • Oh my – I’m so glad I didn’t have to resort to the pink/white paint, although I actually would love those colors. But so much more work! And I do love the closet in this room – even though it’s long and narrow, I’m so thankful it has room for a cutting table AND a sewing machine table. Never tried making a wedding dress – sounds great, though!!


  4. It look great is your hubby for hire! 🙂 I am getting caught up on things now that I am back from a very uplifting week – boy can Christian women get things done! I will email you hopefully later today. Tomorrow is another meeting out of town for work then I can take a deep and breath. It looks like both of us need that time for a Calgon bath! LOL


    • Hi Patty! I was just praying for you yesterday, on the way home from work. I was wondering how the conference went, and it’s so good to hear it went well. I’ll check with hubby and see if he can make a quick run over to your place. 😆
      Can’t wait to hear details of your trip!!


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