there’s this feeling of excitement in the air

And it’s emanating from my sewing room! The Daily Prompt wanted to know when the last time I got excited over something. It was yesterday! I can see, in the not too distant future, a wonderful sewing table becoming reality.

We got the stuff to build it yesterday, after borrowing a pickup to haul all my plunder (did I say that out loud??) home. Thank you, Mark!!! I’d much rather fill his gas tank than a delivery truck’s tank. I know, I know. Lowe’s has to make money too, and deliveries aren’t cheap any more. But if I can help a young man with a family to support by filling his gas tank, especially when he was willing to let us use his truck WITHOUT  charging us a dime, why not do that? Yuppers.

So . . . now hubby has his work cut out for him, and I’ll soon be cutting out my work. But what will that first project be?? Nope, not a purse, can you believe it!! It’s my first attempt at resizing a garment. I don’t even MAKE clothes, much less alter them, but my friend is convinced I can do it. So she left me alone with that valuable article of clothing. Imagine that. She trusts me.

We’re in stage one of the sewing room and the new table. That’s my excuse for the mess surrounding the table project. Any day now, it’s going to be a sewing paradise. I’m so excited!!! And I’m going to do great and wonderful things in there when it’s complete. I just know it. I trust me.

Oh – and that little feller in the cabinet? He was my attempt at acrylic painting when I was 16. My sister had him for at least 30 years. Her kids learned to draw on him (there are crayon marks to prove it). I’d forgotten all about him until visiting her about 12 or 13 years ago, and there he was, tucked away in her storage room. She’d saved him for me all that time!! And now he’s spending his sunset years tucked away in my fabric cabinet. Don’t let that woebegone look on his face fool you – he’s excited too! What a life!!

SO – on to the next stage. Today, phase one/coat one. Tomorrow, phase two/coat two. And the next day – final coat of sealant, then the REAL work begins. Hubby will attach the top to the base pieces, and stage one will be a rousing, rip-roaring success. Stage two will be the remaking of the fabric cabinets so I can actually use them. Stage three will be actually using them.

Am I excited?

YOU BET ! ! !

11 thoughts on “there’s this feeling of excitement in the air

    • aw shucks. thanks so much. I put the brushes away and never tried again, although I did keep doing the sketching for several years. He was actually a sketch first, which my high school art teacher wanted to buy from me. I should have sold it to her, then maybe it would have survived too. As it was, the sketch got lost in my many travels over the years, so I’m glad my sister kept this one – even though it’s an amateur attempt, it brings back good memories.


  1. I like what you are doing, that table is great. It would probably take up most of my sewing room and no room for the sewing machine! Happy sewing in your new room.


    • ain’t she a peach! It did surprise me very pleasantly. And that table – oh, how great it’s going to be. It’s almost halfway there now…just one more coat of sealant (took four instead of three), then the same on the base, and then it’s ready to be put together! We’re hoping and praying for this weekend.


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