That terrible, toxic, ingrown thought

Worry is ingrown, toxic thinking. It will poison your health, your outlook, even your relationships. It turns your thoughts inward, and ingrown thoughts are worse than ingrown toenails.

Just thought I’d throw that out there and see what you think.

Have you ever known a chronic worrier? How is life going for them? How do they view their present? Their future? Their past?


3 thoughts on “That terrible, toxic, ingrown thought

  1. Too true. All we can control is how we live each minute. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. I agree worrying is exhausting and a useless activity. From my experience the people who worry a lot suffer from anxiety disorders and need help in learning how to handle their disorder. For those close to them, they become exhausted and exasperated by having to give constant reassurance that things are going to be ok. Interesting post Linda.


    • I spent my childhood/teenage years as a worrier. Then I came to trust the LORD, and I look at worry as an awful sin. It says I don’t trust that the LORD has my back, no matter what may be facing me. I learned that from reading about Paul and Silas in the Bible, for one thing, and by just realizing what I’ve faced and been led through over the years in my own life. It’s so freeing to know I don’t have to spend my life worrying!!


  2. Oh, they suffer – tremendously! It has become a habit with them. I continue to pray to allow Our Lord to guide them out of it and to give them peace. So far, I think they like to stick close to this way of thinking :0( m.


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