. . . let the sewing begin . . .

I have managed to clear enough space on the new sewing table to put the sewing machine. And a sewing machine with no fabric to caress is a sad sight indeed.

Well, today my new sewing room had its maiden voyage into the wonderful world of ‘fabric’ating. Ah, the joys of coming up with something useful. I started with a little pillowcase that was too small for our travel pillow, the one we keep in the car. I found this in a box of stuff at a yard sale some time ago, and kept it until that perfect opportunity presented itself.

Today was the day. My friend wanted a phone carrier for her mom, who is always losing her phone. She asked me if I could make one that her mom could wear around her neck so she’d always know where the phone is. I looked long and hard at that little pillowcase, and a strip right down the side of it just squealed my name, “Hey, REmissionary! Look over here – see the phone carrier hiding in my folds??” Why, yes, I DID see it! And just look at what was hiding there, waiting to be discovered.

Problem is . . . I discovered too late that her mom’s phone is a “bit” smaller than the one I used for a model. Oh well, I guess it will just lurk in the shadows of the carrier instead of peeking out over the top, like my model phone did. And naturally, I forgot to take pictures as I went, partly because I didn’t know what I was doing (sometimes wingin’ it waits for no man . . . er, woman . . . to take pictures), and partly because once I figured out what I was doing, I had it half made. But if you want to try it, I’ll do my best to kind of talk you through the process. Just ask, I’ll be happy to do that for ya! In the meantime, here is the carrier.

9 thoughts on “. . . let the sewing begin . . .

    • Thanks so much – I really hope so! At least her daughter (my best friend) liked it, and said if her mom didn’t want it she would use it. At least it will get used. 😆


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