I got it

Thank you, sewloveable!!

Thank you, sewloveable!!

I got it! I got the package!! And just look what was in it – not one, but TWO patterns!!! Yup, now I gotta git er dun and learn to sew clothing too, not just purses and tortilla warmers.

Where did these patterns come from? Well, I’m glad you asked. In the evenings I love to relax and browse the sewing category on WordPress, to see what other people are sewing. I came across a blog, sewloveable, that was having a giveaway. I’m a sucker for giveaways, folks.  And. I. WON!!

So, Lord willing, that sewing room will be completely ready to use by the weekend, and next week I can actually start using these. Now I just need to find a 12-year-old girl that needs a new dress. There’s gotta be one around here somewhere. And that women’s pattern looks like a great candidate for a remake into an apron – yes, I do love aprons. Hey, I might even make a DRESS. It could happen. But it will not be as low-cut as the pattern, or else it will have an appropriately modest pullover underneath. Jes sayin . . . .

Oh – one more thing. She has a tutorial on an absolutely beautiful skirt that I just have to try. Go take a look. It’s really pretty.

8 thoughts on “I got it

  1. Looks like fun. My mother was an expert seamstress, and she made every kind of clothing items there are — for our family and for friends — and sometimes to sell. But I was never interested in learning to sew much. I wanted to be able to hem a garment or mend a tear or sew on a button, but that was it. However, when I was in college, I started feeling guilty that I was a woman and could not even use a sewing machine creditably. So I decided that I would force myself to learn how to sew well enough to make myself two outfits. I did. Yay me! Mom offered advice and a dab of help in a couple places, but I actually did the cutting and sewing by myself. I made myself a dress and a one-piece pantsuit (they were all the rage back then). They looked good enough that I wasn’t ashamed to wear them, so I considered them a success. After that I closed the lid on the sewing machine and went on with my ordinary life.

    Hope you have a lot of fun with these patterns. They look like they’d be fun to wear too.


    • I took sewing classes in high school, but was bored by it because they made us take a whole semester just to make one item. I actually thought at that time that sewing a dress or an apron had to take three months! Imagine my surprise when folks would say they’d made a dress in a weekend!!! My mother was good at sewing too, but she didn’t have a machine. I remember her sewing by hand – she even made what she called a crazy quilt (odd bits of fabric sewn together in odd ways) on her lap, as she and her husband traveled. I inherited it, and it finally fell apart to the point that I had to let it go. Bummer. But I can remember it and the other stuff she used to make. I’m looking forward to getting back into sewing!


  2. Oh, my gosh. When I was a kid – back in the 50s, believe it or not, and even into the 60s, one of my favorite things to do was go with mom to Penny’s or Spurgeon’s, go up to their fabric department, and look through the pattern catalogues. Once I’d picked out what I wanted, the clerk would find the right drawer, pull it out and sort through until she’d found the right one. Then, we’d see how much fabric was needed, pick it out, and go home to start sewing!

    Mom was an expert seamstress – she’d learned because they didn’t have enough money when she was young to buy anything ready-made. There were plenty of flour-sack shirts and such in her world them – that’s part of the reason she so loved to pick out “real” fabric.


    • oh my goodness! I grew up with flour-sack dresses! We three girls always got to take turns getting the next dress from the flour sacks, and they were so pretty back then. I can’t seem to find that any more. Good memories. I don’t remember my mother EVER buying a pattern or material. She was the original REmissionary, I’m sure! We were very poor and clothes were given to us a lot, and she’d actually rip them apart and remake them to fit us. I never quite got that gift, but I’ve learned to REmission things. 😆 Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing this great story. I love hearing these things!!!


    • A lot of my fabric was given to me, and some I got at yard sales or from the clothing giveaway we used to be involved in – stuff no one else wanted I’d just take home and use for other projects. My friend took me to the Goodwill outlet once, where they sell by the pound. Got me going!! 🙂


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