An Adventure in Expression

Blogging is an adventure in expression, always developing and changing. It’s kind of like growing a garden or a vineyard. You nurture and fertilize to encourage growth of healthy plants, and cut out the dead stuff, and the little suckers that weaken the vine.

This was a line from a blog I just closed due to lack of expression. I have thought about this move for at least six months, but couldn’t bring myself to that final point of decision. Alas, today is the day. And that Daily Prompt challenge about procrastination is to blame! Well . . . maybe not to blame . . . maybe to cite as a reminder of my lack of resolve.

Anyway – the plan is to just add a category here for the times when I really want to share from our Sunday messages at church.  So look for a new item here on the REmissionary – it’s not just about the REmissionary any more. There will be a category about missionary work now too!


11 thoughts on “An Adventure in Expression

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Love yours!
    Dreams from when I was 10…. I don’t know, I was pretty obsessed with horses at that point, mixed with ballet & trying to stay away from a little sister.
    I never had horses, but did learn to ride & later in life leased out pasture to others with horses. So, I got to have them around, but not be the one in charge, or have to pay for them! That did work out well.
    Ballet: took this all through college, then opened my own studio . Loved teaching.

    Still have lots of things on my life list I want to accomplish………Pretty sure I’ll never ‘get done’

    Again, thanks for stopping in to Stitchknit!


    • oh my goodness – I wanted to ride horses too! We rode old Patsy (our plow horse) around as much as she’d put up with after a hard day plowing. One time I was riding her bareback, and she caught sight of the barn. Bad idea! She made a horseline (can’t say a beeline, really) for that barn door, and before she reached it, I’d been bounced up onto her neck, then down under her neck with my arms/legs wrapped around her, holding on for dear life and screaming for help. Do ya think my siblings rescued me? They were too incapacitated – all bent over in laughter – as there I hung, my life in the balance. She did manage to shake me loose and step over me before heading on into the stall for hay and solitude. Nice of her, huh? 😆


      • Love the vision of you & Patsy! My first try at horseback riding (very old pony in No Dakota, at my grandmas) Think his name was Prince. I knew to get on from the left, managed the stirrup OK, and up I went……….only to lob myself onto the ground on the other side! Pushed off way too hard! Prince never moved. All was well, other than I was embarrassed in front of all my country cousins!


    • Hi Patty! Lord willing I’ll have something by the weekend for here, both in sewing the fabric AND the Word. 🙂 We just started at this new church, so kind of feeling my way around. Lots and lots of great ministry opportunities there! I may be able to use my sewing in some way there, too . . . we’ll see.


        • Thanks so much – I do pray your weekend is good also. I have a phone holder I need to make for my friend’s mother (she’s always losing her phone), and a couple of bibs to replenish my stock for work, and this week I got a couple of dress patterns in the mail! I haven’t ventured into sewing clothing yet. New ideas!! 🙂


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