Dr. Ballerina, the ice skating music maven

There it was. big as life. The very thing that had been the dream of my ten-year-old self, posted all over WordPress in the form of a

Daily Prompt: Ballerina Fireman Astronaut Movie Star

 How could this be, that these folks at WordPress knew exactly what was happening in my imagination way back then??

Yes, ’tis true. When I was ten I wanted to be a doctor/ice-skater/ballerina/singer. I even had a pair of slick-bottomed red slippers someone had given us in a box of clothing (we were very, very poor, and our clothes came from church basements). And deep in the bottom of that box, there was a deliciously stiff and crinkly crinoline slip, perfect for a makeshift tutu. And the ice on our dirt road (a road least traveled by man or beast in the winter) was just made for a budding ballerina/ice-skater to practice swirls and curls and slides and jumps and breathtaking pirouettes. Nobody saw, nobody knew the hours of practice, the heartbreak of falling, the ecstasy of triumph in a perfectly executed twirl. The frustration of losing a red, slick-bottomed shoe in the snowdrift.

Ah, the fame and glory I would gracefully accept from my admiring fans – not to mention the undying gratitude of those countless millions of people I saved, singlehandedly mind you, with my brilliant discovery of a cure for the common cold. I would sing sweet lullabies to darling children as I gave them their medicine and dried their tears. Each one clung to my hand, begging for just one more song – but alas, I must move on to the next bed and save that one from certain death too. They all begged the hospital to let only ME administer their injections, since I had discovered a painless and amazingly pleasant method, never causing discomfort to any of my patients.

After fainting dead away at the first sight of blood, I decided being a doctor might not be in my (nor my patients’) best interests. Drop that dream. Oh well, I still had a budding career as a ballerina/singer/ice skater.

Dancing class in Physical Education  . . . the teacher stole my dream. How did I know I was that clumsy?? I didn’t see her behind me – she should have moved when I first started my twirl. I mean, just because pirouettes render me extremely dizzy and disoriented, that doesn’t make me clumsy . . . does it? I tried, I really tried, not to stumble backwards.  Ah, but I still had the dream of being an ice skater and a singer!

Well . . . about that ice skating. I did finally get out on the ice, when I was about 50. The two kids holding me up were pretty impressed with my grip on their shoulders. I think they’re both OK now . . . but I do wonder why they don’t want to help me on the rink any more??? OK, so I never became the famous award-winning ice skater I dreamed of being. I still had the dream of being a singer.

That was the cruelest cut of all.

I will be satisfied with the musical talent I have – I can play a pretty mean radio.

What were YOUR dreams as a ten-year-old??

6 thoughts on “Dr. Ballerina, the ice skating music maven

    • One of my enjoyments in the mornings and evenings (before/after work) is to look at the sewing category on wordpress – I find so much fun stuff there. Oh – and these really were my dreams as a 10-year-old, along with being a model and a photographer – and, amazingly, even a secretary! True story….at least I got the secretary part!! 😆


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