Movin movin movin . . . keep them doggies movin

So, I see that WordPress had a writing challenge about a dream home – posted on the very day we moved! I thought that was rather interesting, but didn’t have time to respond to it, since we were – yep, that’s right – MOVING to our dream home. What makes this our dream home? It’s PAID FOR!!! πŸ˜†

The dream of moving is exciting, but I gotta say, the moving process is NOT FUN – hard on the doggies, too (growing up, we called our feet ‘dogs’), what with all that running around, toting bags and boxes, barking and sniffing and scratching and whining and . . . oh, wait. I’m getting my doggies all mixed up.

But we’re done now, thank the Lord. We’ve said goodbye to the farm, turned it over to a young couple with lots of energy, and moved to the city. I just had to share a couple of little nostalgic, backward looks before turning my face to the new horizon.

Does this move to the city mean we gave up farming? Nope. Hubby thought ahead and planted his tomatoes in containers, and moved them with us. So, here we are, embarking on our newest gardening adventure!

And the sewing room? Well, right now it’s graciously permitting us to use it as a storage unit. Boxes are gradually disappearing, one by one. Β I can see the floor now! And soon the boxes will be finished, and I can start preparing the shelves. And hubby can make me that sewing table!! Woo hoo oh happy day!!!

Notice that lamp? It has a twin, a green one, in the bedroom; they like to call themselves cottage chic. Anybody wanna buy some antique lighting?? Hubby hits his head on them every time he goes under them. Ouch!!

How in the WORLD did we get so. much. STUFF!? More got given away as we were moving, and thankfully it went from the moving truck straight to our friend’s truck. Whew! But even after that, we are finding ourselves with a stack to give away or sell. Nope. Not ready for another yard sale! I’m thinkin’ giveaways. Yessirree.

No pictures of the pile of giveaway, but I did get a couple of shots of the back yard (our new hangout spot) and Spencer enjoying his new home. Oh. And of hubby in his element, pruning trees. πŸ˜†

Come and visit again soon – Lord willing, I plan to have that sewing room up and running before the winter snows fly. And hubby has a honey-do list a mile long, mostly of his own making.Β ThisΒ is the part of moving that I love – seeing everything come together.

12 thoughts on “Movin movin movin . . . keep them doggies movin

  1. Hi Linda. It is all happening over there. I felt the excitement of moving in your writing. The new place looks great. Looking forward to seeing more photos as you make it your own. Watch out for those light fittings.:)


    • thanks so much…yah – gotta remind hubby of that! πŸ˜† I fit under them all with no problem, one of the bennies of being short. Oh. Did I say that?? I meant of being vertically challenged! πŸ˜†


  2. I like your new house, I love paneling not to mention the built ins – it makes a house more cozy. Glad you are finally moved in and getting settled. Soon both “doggies” (your dog and your feet) will soon be rested and enjoying your new home and all that it offers. Will be writing soon…the week has gotten away from me, two sick pooches and a sort of emergency with my daughters friend…at least it is taking my mind away from my troubles.


    • oh, those poor doggies! At least I’m resting. πŸ™‚ Spencer is going NUTS in the back yard right now; he discovered the cat next door, and is trying to figure out how to bark without consequences. I’ll be writing soon too…so sorry you’ve got sick poochies, and I sure hope & pray the emergency is taken care of. We’re enjoying our house, even with the ‘challenges’ we’re discovering!


    • oh – my goodness! I’ve already started using that pegboard, because I couldn’t figure a way to take it out and put regular shelving in without destroying the whole thing. I just got my paltry stack of stuff hung up on pegs yesterday, and it showed me how much work I need to get done to build my stock back up.


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