it’s growing!

The other day … well … more like the other month … I was out looking at the stuff hubby had started in the greenhouse. He’s also planted beans and peas in the garden, and they’re finally coming up. But the greenhouse is bursting at the seams! When I was up there last time, the floor was covered in planters that were just sitting there in their little family huddle, looking rather forlorn and yet hopeful. Can a planter do that? Well, I just wish I’d had the camera with me at that point, and I would’ve shown you! But alas, I had a duh moment and went up there camera-free. Actually, a better term would be camera-deprived. But whatever – today I was both camera-ready and camera-laden! And the plants? They were definitely NOT camera-shy!

See that linoleum in the background? Makes a world of difference, even if it isn’t entirely sealed down. The water (see his sprinkler system?) has been running off toward the door just fine, like it’s supposed to. We searched high and low for that stuff, and had just about given up when we ‘happened’ upon it at Lowe’s one day. A customer had ordered it, asked them to fold it so it would fit in his car, and then brought it back because it was (duh) creased where it was folded. We got it for a fraction of the original price, which was an answered prayer. I think hubby will get around to glueing it down eventually, when he gets some of the other to-dos done. Like … replacing that window in the kitchen. He just took this (pictured below) out and put a brand new, regular style one in that we can open. This one was a plant window with small openings on the bottom – not enough to really get any air flow going through the kitchen, and very hard to clean for a vertically-challenged person such as myself. I had to actually climb up on a stool and stand with one foot in the sink to be able to reach in and clean the glass shelf and water the plants and so forth. I see a much better use for this already. Do you see what I see? Yep – a small-scale greenhouse! Which is what I hope to use this for, if hubby doesn’t sell it or give it away in the near future. It will be perfect for starting a few herbs this fall, so we can grow them year-round. Won’t that be fun!

There was one plant that greeted me rather robustly, but didn’t share its name or its official title with me. Seems hubby doesn’t remember planting it, just setting the planter in there. He’s letting it grow and will try to figure out what it is. Anybody got a guess? I thought it was an herb of some sort. Whatever it is, I thought it was quite pretty and not at all bashful about leaning toward the camera to show off its good side. Quite photogenic, don’t you think?

howdy pardner! what's your name??

howdy pardner! what’s your name??


7 thoughts on “it’s growing!

    • I wondered if that might be the case, but I couldn’t remember which one had the pretty frilly leaves it’s dill! But hubby said he didn’t plant any dill, so it’s still a mystery plant at this point.


    • Thanks so much – we spent most of yesterday outside, just doing this n that n the other thing, enjoying the air and sunshine. And last night I enjoyed the sound of a downpour. Today has a bit of blue showing. Yay!


  1. Thanks for this post. It gave me some ideas for next year. Being a gal from So Cal, I have no clue how to garden here. I started my beds on Mother’s day as some had suggested, but it must have been too soon because now I have a frozen mess to clean up. Starting seedlings indoors in posts is my plan for next year. Do you have a post about your green house?


    • I heard that there was a freeze there. Bummer – I think our stuff in the garden is OK so far. I do have a bunch of posts from some time back about when he built the greenhouse, and a few about the various things he’s grown in it. I don’t know if any of those will help, but they might give you some ideas.


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