it is finished – finally!

Yup, and it only took me two months! Or … was it … three??? Oh well, who’s counting, right?!

Anyway, here it is, in all its glory.

I opted for the snap on this one, because in order to do the zipper the way I wanted to, I would have had to change the handle also, and make it a double handle (which I actually prefer, but that’s another story). That will be one of the alterations I’ll make to any future use of this pattern.

But, even though I left the handle the same, I cannot EVER totally leave a pattern as I find it. It called for two inside zipper pockets – my kind of pattern! – but it didn’t have any other pockets for the inside. That ain’t gonna happen in purses I make. So, since I had a bunch of little pieces left from the outside, I decided hey! what would it hurt to just make a couple of little pockets to kind of match the outside?

I also try out any purse I make for usability and to see if I need to fix anything. I noticed that my cell phone fit in one of the small pockets Β (side one) very well, and the pen holder on side two was the perfect size. But the big pocket beside it was just a wee bit wide and hung open a little when I had stuff in it. So I’ll probably end up with a little velcro circle on there to kind of help it keep itself together under stress. We all need a velcro stress relief, right?

This pattern is a keeper, I think, with certain modifications (the ones mentioned above, and maybe more). One of the blogs I just discovered and just HAD to start shadowing (good stuff there!), called a little bird made me, gave me a link to a great zip tutorial for future use. Don’t you just LOVE this blogging community!!! I will be using that tutorial she shared in my next purse project; it’s bookmarked and ready as soon as I am.

And now, on to other things! My list is growing, so this will be (hopefully!) a sewing marathon weekend. What’s on the agenda? Bibs, baby, bibs!Β Oh … and mug rugs! And Kindle covers! The list is growing faster than a mushroom on a compost pile! Ewww … scratch that. Faster than a weed in the garden.


18 thoughts on “it is finished – finally!

    • Thank you so much, Sandra – I like two handles usually because they seem to make cloth purses hang better. I like one on the stiffer purses though. And I absolutely LOVE pockets! πŸ™‚


    • yep – quite true! and the great thing is, I have the material laid out right now for a matching zip clutch for this, using that zipper idea you shared. I can’t wait to get it done, which, Lord willing, will be today. πŸ˜€


    • Thanks so much – this was a fun one, and I did actually have enough left to make the little zip pouch to match it, just haven’t gotten the photo up yet. And yep…added an inside pocket to that pattern too! πŸ˜†


  1. I like your patchwork purse! Makes me want one of my own. I wasn’t there to follow with the start of this project, but glad you were able to finish. I have plenty of those “take a long time to finish projects” so I know where you are coming from. -Nizzy


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