on dealing with zipritis and other sewing disorders

It finally happened. I bought a pattern. A real purse pattern – and what’s more, I’m actually USING it! It’s Simplicity #2617, and I liked the picture on the package. What?? I mean … well … that’s a valid reason for buying a pattern, right? right?? Well, I thought so anyway.

Problem is, I think I have a slight sewing disorder. I keep finding other things that need done and getting sidetracked. Things like cleaning because the house is being shown (it’s on the market), or pulling weeds in the front flower beds (same reason), or packing boxes (when we thought the house had sold). I think it’s going to be really cute when it’s done. The purse, I mean – not the house. The house is already cute. And mostly done.

I had a real woo hoo! moment when I began working with this particular pattern. It can be made with scraps! I discovered I had all the pieces in my stash, and didn’t have to buy one single thing extra. How great is THAT!!

BUT – and this is a big but – the pattern calls for a snap closure, and I’ve been diagnosed (by a very reliable source) with an advanced case of zipritis.  Any ideas on how to substitute a zipper for a snap? That’s part of my sewing disorder; I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet, and it frustrates me. I find that if I totally withdraw from the whole project – just walk away and do something else – it usually comes to me. This one, though, is a long time a-comin’. I’ve been walking away and coming back to this project for the last couple of months. And I still haven’t figured out the zipper substitution problem. I think I must be suffering from withdrawals … *groan*

The plan is to have this done by the weekend. And then it’s going up for sale to raise funds for River of Life, which is struggling financially right now. I sure don’t want to see that ministry fail for lack of funds, so that’s a good incentive to get cured of all these itises and get on with it. Maybe I’ll just take a chill pill for the zipritis and go ahead with the original pattern. At least it will have a zippered inside pocket, which will have to suffice this time around. I can indulge my disorder on another future pattern and put a gazillion zippers on it.

Do you see a pattern forming here? This is for the weekly photo challenge about – what else?? – patterns. 😆

6 thoughts on “on dealing with zipritis and other sewing disorders

  1. Hi! Not only am I checking our your site but I might have an answer to your question about zips instead of snap closures. From looking at your photos, your purse looks very similar to the one posted on the website Clover and Violet where they have a tutorial for inserting a zipper – so my advice would be to follow their instructions on the zipper insertion, instead of putting in the snap closure! http://www.cloverandviolet.com/2012/10/zippers-101-basic-zipper-pouch.html

    (I have a large collection of free online tutorials pinned that one day I will link to on my blog. In the meantime I refer to them when stuck for ideas!) Hope that this helps. I am enjoying looking around your site!


    • Thanks so much for sharing this – I went and looked around her blog, and saw a couple of ideas I’ll probably use. I also found some baby bib patterns that I know I will use! I know, that’s not why I went there, but hey! Gotta take ’em where I can find ’em, eh? Good ideas, I mean. The zipper idea on the pouch was great – not exactly what I was looking for on this purse, but definitely good for the pouches I make. I am still looking for a way to put the zipper in this current purse, and make it hang slightly beyond the top on the closed side, so the purse top opens all the way – does that make sense?? I can picture it in my head, I’m just not really sure how to sew the ends so they go out over the edge of the purse right. I think that I’ll probably start following the Clover and Violet site for more ideas. Thank you again – I love this blogging community!! So much help!


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